Have the COVID-19 to 4 months

Avoir la COVID-19 à 4 mois

The little Florence, aged only 4 months, was the first in her family to receive the diagnosis of the COVID-19. However, it does have symptoms, in contrast to the other four members of the family.

After that the mother, Marie Perron, has met a friend who had just returned from a trip to London, the members of the family began to feel the symptoms of the COVID-19.

Because of the young age of Florence, the parents were frightened and have called the information line. Even if they were not themselves parties to the trip, the whole family has had permission to pass the screening tests.

“It is Florence that is positive output in the first. We are still waiting for the results for his mother, and my two boys,” said the father, Daniel Grenier, in an interview with the show Denis Lévesque.

The youngest of the family, which resides in Piopolis, near Lac-Mégantic, in Estrie, does not have a fever, for the time being. But “it is sure that she can’t tell us if it hurts somewhere,” admits his mother, Marie Perron.

“All I can say is that for the moment she is sleeping more than usual, but a bit like when you have a virus”, she said.

For parents, this is an ominous moment. “It was very afraid. The mom’s heart capsized, one of dad too. But there it is happy, it will just get better,” says Marie Perron.

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