Have the juice that kills cancer, heals gastritis and diabetes. Here is a recipe from doctors

Есть сок, который убивает рак, лечит гастрит и диабет. Вот рецепт от врачей

If he really is so effective?

Most likely, in your whole life you never drank potato juice, according to Super Remedios.+

I think that the taste must be horrible? Perhaps, but something that is useful, unfortunately, not always tasty!+

A lot of medical things have an unpleasant taste. Although, potato juice, which will be discussed, almost tasteless, it is very useful and is included in the diet of many diets. And here’s why:

Есть сок, который убивает рак, лечит гастрит и диабет. Вот рецепт от врачей

Reduces acidity in the body.+

Potato juice can help to balance the pH balance of the body, which is especially important for us because a lot of the usual us products have a negative impact on the body.+

Helps against gout.

It reduces the level of uric acid and therefore after a while you can forget about gout.

Fights inflammation.
Potato juice can help with arthritis and other forms of inflammation, especially in joints, and back pain.

In addition, it stimulates blood circulation throughout the body.+

Refreshes and cleanses the skin.

Potato juice has a soothing effect on the skin and even helps to clear it from acne.

Helps to lose weight.

For this you need to drink a Cup of potato juice before Breakfast and another 2-3 hours before sleep.+

Cleanse the liver.

Potato juice is useful for detoxification, it can also facilitate the work of the liver and gallbladder, if there are problems.+

To do this, doctors suggest to drink a Cup of this juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

Helps in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers.

Experts say that you need to use a spoon of potato juice diluted with water, half an hour before Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How to make a juice?
Potato juice is an excellent medicine. Wash the potatoes, peel it, remove all green parts and sprouts. You can use a juicer or manually squeeze with linen fabric.

If you don’t like the taste, you can always add a little lemon juice, carrot, Apple juice or honey.+

Did you know about the benefits of potato juice?

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