HCB Foundation: Henri Cartier-Bresson: The First Puzzle

    HCB Foundation: Henri Cartier-Bresson: The First Puzzle

    The Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation offers an educational gift, the first 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle based on a photo ofHenri Cartier-Bresson : Forbidden City, Beijing, 1948.

    In 1948, Henri Cartier-Bresson was in Beijing when the capital was about to be rallied by Communist troops, when he had just founded the Magnum Photos agency with Robert Capa, David Seymour and George Rodger. A few months earlier, while he was in Indonesia, it was the famous Life Magazine who asks him to join China as soon as possible to cover the events.

    This order was decisive in his career as a photojournalist, which was only just beginning.

    When the report – titled “A last look at Peiping” – appeared on January 3, 1949, it was this photograph, taken in the “Forbidden City”, which was featured on the front page of the publication. She will be chosen by the international press, published in magazines like Paris Match or Queen, and will feature prominently in the book by Michel Frizot and Ying-lung Su, Henri Cartier-Bresson: China published in 2019.


    Puzzle size: 68 x 49 cm + 1 template image Box size: 24.6 x 16.6 x 5.5 cm

    Price including VAT: € 19.90

    Available at the Fondation HCB bookstore and online at: www.henricartierbresson.org/librairie

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