He became ill with cancer powder Johnson & Johnson and sued the firm has a $37 000 000

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Він захворів на рак через присипку Johnson & Johnson і відсудив у фірми $37 000 000

A jury in new Jersey awarded compensation of $30 million to the man who got cancer after decades of use, talcum powder; his wife was awarded $7 million, reports Rus.Media.

Banker Stephen Lanza claims that more than thirty years enjoyed the products of the company Johnson & Johnson, in particular powder “Shower to Shower” and “Baby Powder”, and that the inhalation of these powders caused the mesothelioma — an aggressive and deadly form of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs.

Deposits of talc one of the softest minerals on the planet, often located near mineral deposits, which consist of asbestos, and research has repeatedly confirmed that there is a risk of cross-contamination during production. Johnson & Johnson said that its products do not contain asbestos, noting that it is a legal requirement since 1970-ies.

Now in the American courts considered several similar cases related to asbestos. In November, the jury of California ruled in favor of Johnson & Johnson in one of the processes.

The case of Lanza was first discussed in new Jersey- home state of Johnson & Johnson Corporation.

The decision of the jury, Kendra, wife of Stephen Lanza should receive $7 million, and a $30 million, with 70% of this money must pay to Johnson & Johnson, and 30% of the company Imerys Talc supplier, talc.

Lawyer spouses, Lanza accused the company of concealing information about the dangers of asbestos which is contained in its talc products, since 1960-ies.

In response Johnson & Johnson stated that conducting a comprehensive test, eliminating the possibility of asbestos in products.

The trial, meanwhile, continues: now the jury has to estimate the size of possible compensation of moral harm.

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