He decided to explore the balcony of his new apartment, and for good reason!

Он решил обследовать балкон своей новой квартиры, и не зря!

Many families over the years plow day and night to get the coveted keys and finally move into a new apartment. Well, if the housing is placed in the new building and, accordingly, it to you nobody owned. It would seem, here it, a clean slate, move on and be happy.

I bet the hero of our today’s video initially thought. However, the guy was obviously accustomed to think ahead and before to arrange a feast for the whole world, celebrating the arrival, decided to check the condition of their homes fortunately, the man was strong nerves.

Someone else could just fall into a stupor after the detection on the balcony is such a wonderful brickwork! Can’t believe it! I saw with my own eyes, in the apartment, which was supposed to pass every conceivable test, the guy took apart polyalkene bare hands. Interestingly, and bearing walls in this building, too, apart from a single touch? I would not want to live in such a wonderful house!

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