He declared that Zelensky focuses on the views of the Ukrainian national-radicals

Медведчук заявил, что Зеленский ориентируется на мнение украинских национал-радикалов

© Sputnik the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky focuses on the radical nationalists who do not want peace in the Donbass. On 11 December, said the Chairman of political Council of party, the Deputy of Parliament Victor Medvedchuk in the comments to the TV channel “112 Ukraine”
Medvedchuk reminded that the communiqué in Paris contains the necessity of implementation of the “formula Steinmeier” and the introduction of the law on the special status of Donbass. However, the party Zelensky “servant of the people” decided that the law on the special status should just extend it without making any changes.

“But to answer no questions and explanations of power is only one, and this response will look similar to the following: the Zelensky as President of Ukraine, the absence of political will for peace, and, of course, he somehow focuses on those radical nationalists who oppose this, or any other instructions that he go outside. Another way to explain the behavior of government today is simply, in my opinion, not possible”, — he said.

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