He gave up the hairstyle for the construction

Il délaisse la coiffure pour la construction

A hairdresser in Montreal has taken advantage of the pandemic to change completely of life, by bartering his dryer and the scissors for the shovel and the hammer.

Bruno Cloutier, who has worked in several hair salons and who also owned her own salon, has made a career change because of the pandemic.

“I stopped working on 13 march. A month after that, I went to work at my father’s farm, in the Beauce region, for three weeks. It is at this time that I regained a taste for the physical work and working outdoors. I had more interest to work in a hair salon with all of the new hygiene conditions, ” says the former hairdresser of 34 years.

At the end of high school, he had followed a course on the trades and occupations of the construction of the Quebec.

He had worked for some time as a plasterer, mainly on his father’s farm, before taking the path of hairdressing.

Loss of income

The new sanitary requirements put in place due to the crisis have caused him to lose the desire to resume the hairdressing profession, particularly because there would have been a too great loss of income.

“If it had not been for the COVID, I would have continued to work in a hair salon,” he says. But there are fewer customers, it leads to a price increase, and one makes less money. I would say that, financially, it could no longer walk, ” explains Mr. Cloutier.

Time for reflection

He adds that his spouse is a nurse and he has worked hard during the pandemic, which has led him to question its future.

“It was more or less self-evident for us. Him, he was burnt up, and me, I was not working, so I was hyper-active. It was to put the chances on our side and to let it sit as I went to my father’s farm. It has allowed me to think about what I really wanted as a career, ” says Mr. Cloutier.

After three weeks spent working for his father, he returned to Montreal, where he has not had difficulty in finding a job.

“I applied to several positions of movement in construction. It took three days and I was hired. I fell in love with my new job “, delights there.

Mr. Cloutier is now working for the company Arthier, specializing in civil engineering and urban planning.

He is also pursuing his bachelor’s degree in education, a field of interest since he has taught at the vocational training Centre Pierre-Dupuy, in the program of hairdresser’s.

“I’m going to continue, because I still love the salon, it is only working there in the living room that does not tell me anything more,” says Mr. Cloutier.

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