He is waiting for the death at the heart of a home outbreak

Il attend la mort au cœur d'un foyer d'éclosion

A man from the region of Quebec whose days are numbered has seen the changes that have occurred in its palliative care unit since the beginning of the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

At age 66, Bernard Lachance is living its last days at the palliative care unit of Hôpital Jeffery Hale.

Suffering from pancreatic cancer in terminal phase, he is on the same floor where the most important focus of an outbreak of coronavirus in Quebec has taken birth.

“The staff must wear masks, covers and gloves to enter in our rooms”, he said in an interview with TVA News.

Just like the workers, they must also adapt to this new reality.

“I have to wear a mask and gloves if I go out to walk me in the corridor, a cover also.”

Since the beginning of the crisis, he was able to see the lack of staff in the hospital, without suffering the consequences.

“He will miss from time to time an attendant, a licensed practical nurse, a registered nurse. But the team works so well together that we don’t realize we are”, he told.

If for him, these new measures are not a burden, he admits that the visits be prohibited in his unit weigh a little heavier every day.

“My family can no longer come to visit me. We talk via Facebook, but you know well that this is not like an in-person meeting. I live day-to-day.”

But even in these exceptional circumstances, Bernard Lachance faces death with positivism. He concluded our interview with these few words.

“I am happy and I have to thank my family, my friends, the staff. I benefit from it every day.”

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