He led a cult of sex in the room of his daughter

Il dirigeait un culte sexuel de la chambre de sa fille

NEW YORK | The new york officials have arrested a man suspected of leading a cult of sexual from the bedroom of his daughter in a famous american university.

Lawrence Ray would have subjected its victims, teenagers and young adults, to handling physical and psychological for over a decade. He was arrested Tuesday morning in Piscataway, New Jersey.

This father would have moved in with his daughter and her roommates on the campus of Sarah Lawrence College in 2010, according to the New York Times. He would have quickly begun to share his philosophy with young people.

He would have held “therapy sessions” with young people in order to learn more about their private lives, their weaknesses and their mental health problems. He then allegedly used this information to force them to work for him.

In a particular case, he will have forced a young woman to have a sexual relationship with a man while he watched. It would then have to sing so that she could continue to be a prostitute for another four years.

It is also believed to have “tied one of his victims on a chair, having placed a plastic bag on your head before you let her almost suffocate”.

Ray would have also laundered approximately US $ 1 million, $ 500,000 from the income of his prostitution network, but also the $ 500,000 that he would have stolen to his victims.

The authorities have launched a public appeal to ask victim to manifest.