He listens to the tv on his cell for driving at 135 km/h on the highway in Quebec city

Drivers seem to believe that any permit, as the roads are deserted, and behaviors to say the least, dangerous. This is the case of a motorist who listened to a tv show on their cell phone while driving at high speed on the highway, to Quebec city.

To 22: 30, Saturday evening, police officers of the Sûreté du Québec have intercepted the man, 46-year-old, a resident of Quebec, on the Laurentienne highway, direction south, near the boulevard Louis-XIV, for having driven near 135 km/h in a zone of 100 km/h.

“The patrollers were surprised to find that the man, who was alone in his vehicle, watched an episode of a tv show on his cell phone while driving,” explains the spokesperson Louis-Philippe Bibeau.

Speeding will cost the middle-aged 226$ and 3 demerit points. For the gesture just as bad to listen to the television while driving, he was handed a fine of 489$ and subject to 5 demerit points, because he used a device that has a screen that does not display information relevant to the conduct.

The police lamented the fact that other acts of conduct fearless have been committed during the end of the week, on the territory of the capital.

A little earlier on Saturday, around 21: 45, during an operation speedometer, another motorist has been captured at close to 180 km/h in a zone of 100 km/h when travelling on the motorway from the Capital to the east at the height of the boulevard Pierre-Bertrand.

Man of 32 years old from Quebec city was accompanied by two passengers. He has received a statement of offence from 1533 to$ 14 demerit points. In addition, his licence was suspended for a period of 7 days and the vehicle was impounded.

Added to this is another surgery, on Friday evening, the police had already publicized.

Around 18: 30, they surprised a young driver in 22 years, moving at 170 km/h in a zone of 100 km/h on the autoroute Charest to the height of the avenue Blaise-Pascal.

The resident of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu was given a finding of a violation of 1383$ and 14 demerit points. His driving licence was also suspended for a period of 7 days.

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