He never talked in 27 years. You will be discouraged by the fact that the police found him.

Он ни с кем не разговаривал 27 лет. Вас обескуражит то, что полиция нашла у него!

For nearly 30 years, residents of North pond, Maine, the night I heard disturbing noises. People woke up from some noise, although when they turned on the light, nobody was there. Someone managed to see a glimpse of the dark figure, but no more than that, but often after these visits, something was missing.

The thief stole small items: books, magazines, food, jeans, small radios and batteries. The uninvited guest never took expensive equipment, which could easily sell for thousands of dollars.

It was an extremely strange case and the police are firmly intended to find the attacker. In 27 years no one even could not see him.

But that all changed in the spring of 2013, when it was decided to catch the thief in the camp Pine Tree Camp, where he regularly frequented.

It seemed like an ideal place for theft. Easy to penetrate, all sorts of items and products. However, the thief did not know one important thing — the police were already on his trail.

The camp site was under the control of the Sergeant of police Terry Hughes. He invented the perfect plan to catch the culprit. There were cameras and motion sensors military grade in all areas that might be of interest to the attacker. But Hughes also knew tokoha the thief was coming, he stole a lot of different things, including a spare key from the kitchen. So the kitchen was installed a motion sensor with a silent alarm.

On the night of April 4, 2013 the alarm went off. Hughes was expected to meet a criminal, a hobo, possibly a drug addict with a gun, but looking into the kitchen through the window, the Sergeant saw an ordinary middle-aged man, well-dressed, and even overweight. Hughes understood that we must not tarry. As soon as the man left the kitchen with a backpack full of food, the Sergeant with one hand sent the face of the thief light flashlight, and the gun held in the other hand. Ordered him to lie on the ground. The criminal obeyed, and began to answer questions.

His name was Christopher Thomas knight , he never worked and lived in the woods. The man didn’t know how he lives in the forest, but remember that the Chernobyl disaster happened when he went into the forest. That is exactly 27 years this guy lived alone in the dense forests of the East coast. All this time he did nothing except to provide themselves with food. During this time he committed more than 1,000 burglaries.

28 Oct 2013 he was sentenced to 7 months in prison, who had already served in the bullpen. When assigning the sentence the judge Nancy mills said that the actions of the defendant were motivated by the harsh life a necessity, not criminal intent. Since childhood, Chris grew up a closed child, no one spoke. When he decided to go into the forest, he didn’t think, just took it and left.

And Chris says he does not regret the years spent in the woods, away from civilization. Because there he was only doing what he wanted his soul.

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