He pays$ 3000 to the personal data of 5,000 people

A mortgage broker in Québec has disbursed$ 3,000 in 2019 to get a USB key with personal data of about 5,000 people. He has dealt with a suspect in the folder of the leak at Desjardins.

Marc-Olivier Tanguay, who has no history of discipline, has appeared before the discipline committee of the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ), on may 20.

The judgment is expected in the coming weeks. The fine that has been recommended is$ 5000.

Contacted by The Journal, Mr. Tanguay has preferred not to comment.

The man from Quebec, who has been licensed since July 2012, has been 43 exchanges, according to public documents, between may 10, 2018 may 22, 2019, with a person of interest in the theft of data at Desjardins.

It is in December 2018 that this person has proposed a list of customers with their data to Mr. Tanguay. The latter assured the investigators that he was not aware of the source of the information.

Mr. Tanguay has, however, conceded not to be insured, with seller, that the latter had the necessary authorization from its customers to transmit their data.

After you have negotiated a price of$ 0.60 by reference the transaction to the USB key took place in January of 2019 at the offices of Mr. Thompson, according to documents of the OACIQ.

The list sold contained names, phone numbers, addresses, interest rates, mortgage balances, and revolving credit facilities. Mr. Tanguay was looking for “customers with debt.”

Before you give this list to its operators so that they contact potential clients, Mr. Tanguay has been confirmed to have removed some confidential information.

He admits all of the facts

At an examination in September 2019, Mr. Tanguay has admitted to have bought a list of customers to a suspect in the folder of Desjardins. The mortgage broker Quebec has also allowed all of the other facts.

Notably, he paid for the USB key in cash, and no invoice was given to him. He also admitted that this list has allowed him to conclude three transactions between February and may 2019.

When he learned that the vendor of the USB drive had been searched and that he was under investigation by the Sûreté du Québec on the leak at Desjardins, Mr. Tanguay has admitted that “he panicked”. He has “destroyed the USB drive when it had knowledge that it was coming from Desjardins.”

Up until the publication of the survey I on this file, Mr. Tanguay had still business relations in the field of insurance and financial security with the agency from the broker, Mathieu Joncas. The latter has also been met by the police.

In the beginning of the year, a request submitted by the financial markets Authority the administrative Tribunal of the financial markets indicated that the dealer of Quebec in savings and insurance François Baillargeon-Bouchard would have paid$ 40 000 to get their hands on lists of personal data from Desjardins.

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