He refused to meet with Poroshenko

Poroshenko’s visit to Moldova was postponed.

Додон відмовився від зустрічі з Порошенко

The visit of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to Moldova postponed indefinitely, informs Rus.Media.

This was stated press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and European integration of Moldova Alexander Roitman.

According to Roitman, Poroshenko’s visit to Chisinau is still “on the agenda of bilateral contacts” Moldova and Ukraine.

Roitman said that Poroshenko’s visit to Moldova is really ready, but decided to postpone to another date.

He also added that Poroshenko was not going to meet the President of Moldova Igor Dodon. “During the preparation of this visit we have not received through diplomatic channels, requests from the Ukrainian side about the meeting with President Dodon,” said Roitman.

Earlier, Igor Dodon announced that Poroshenko will arrive in Chisinau on 13 February. He noted that he will meet with his Ukrainian counterpart, as it would be interference in the elections in the neighboring country.

“We know that President Poroshenko will arrive in Chisinau on Wednesday. As far as I know, Poroshenko – candidate for presidential elections in Ukraine, and I believe that to meet him would be wrong. If you meet with Poroshenko tomorrow will be another candidate says she wants to go to Moldova and meet with the President. Therefore, we will not intervene in the fight in the neighboring country”, – said Igor Dodon.

It is worth noting that the leadership of Ukraine, even in the case of “readiness” Dodon refused meetings or other contacts with the President of Moldova. In August last year, Poroshenko said he was ready to dialogue with the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, if he will support the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Since then he has not made such statements.

The socialist leader known for his Pro-Russian views and is considered to be a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During his own campaign in 2016, said he denied the illegality of the annexation of Crimea by Russia.