He was photographed by paparazzi pregnant with fourth child, Beyonce

Папарацци сфотографировали беременную четвертым ребенком Бейонсе

Fans wonder — what does the dress look fat star, if she stubbornly hides her pregnancy.

During the holidays the singer Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay-Z and their daughter blue ivy Carter, without attention not left the paparazzi. Journalists photographed as they claim the singer is pregnant with a fourth child when she visited the cafe and went down on their own yacht. Media speculated that Beyonce was pregnant for two reasons: first, the star looked peaceful and sublime, and so supposedly could only be pregnant, and secondly, the dress of the singer is well demonstrated shape changes of the performer.

As the attentive fans, the belly, the singer has noticeably increased, the increased breast. Due to the fact that Beyonce herself has not commented on the rumors about her pregnancy, fans are left wondering if it’s pregnancy or just a bad cut of the dress.


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