He wins his case against the Repentigny police

He wins his case against the Repentigny police

A black man from Repentigny was acquitted of possession of a bladed weapon, while police officers from Repentigny had given him a report because he had a letter opener on him.

The evening of September 15, 2019 ended badly for Hézu Kpowbié, who was going to the park with his son and a friend of the latter.

His son's friend was carrying around a letter opener, because he had just used it to repair his remote-controlled car.

The child dropped the letter opener a few times while walking towards the park, so Hézu Kpowbié decided to keep the object in his pocket.

“And all of a sudden I hear behind me: 'Sir, drop your gun, drop your knife,' said the 43-year-old. And after that, a policeman had his gun pointed at me, like in the movies. ”

Two other agents arrived on the scene at the race, said Hézu Kpowbié. Mr. Kpowbié had informed the first policeman that the object in question was a letter opener and not a weapon.

“He said 'walk towards me' and all of a sudden, three policemen were pointing their guns at me, I really thought they were going to shoot me,” Mr. Kpowbié testified.

He then lay down on the ground.

Mr Kpowbié said that one of the officers put pressure on his spine with his knee during the procedure. Then he was handcuffed.

In the end, the Repentigny police officers did not arrest him, but gave him a fine of $ 150 for possession of a knife.

He challenged it.

A person who called the police that evening testified for the Crown last Thursday at the municipal court in Repentigny.

“The judge was surprised that the prosecutor was suing me for this,” Kpowbié said. I acted as a responsible citizen who finds something on the ground and keeps it in his possession. ”

The QMI Agency attempted to reach the Repentigny police in the evening, but without success.

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