Head coach of Ukraine admitted who he will support in the world Cup final

Главный тренер сборной Украины признался, за кого он будет болеть в финале чемпионата мира

Head coach of Ukraine national team Andriy Shevchenko told, for whom he will support in the finals of the world Cup.

Reported Team # 1.

Shevchenko said that in the match Croatia-France, he sided with the Croats.

“I Croats have always been pleased. There were a lot of my friends. In the world Cup final I’ll be rooting for Croatia. Croatia has a very balanced team – compact in all respects. They are good at pressing not only in their own half, and attacking too large force. Now Croatia are all well formed”, – he said.

National team coach added that Croatia has assembled a team of players who play very well.

“It contains players who are playing in strong Championships, and their body is accustomed to certain loads. Croats competing with the best players of the world win this competition. They have long adapted to this rhythm of competition and this tension. But in the final they will play against France – a very good team and it will be an exciting fight,” – said Shevchenko.

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