Healing beet recipe drugs that are able to overcome many diseases

Целительный рецепт свекольного снадобья, способного побороть многие болезни

You don’t need medication — beets cure everything!

Beets (about 1.5 kg) cleaned, cut into 4-5 pieces each and pour 2 liters of hot water. Put on fire and cook about an hour over medium heat. Then add 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar. Stored this mixture in the refrigerator.

Before each meal 3-4 times a day, drink 30-40 ml of beet infusion and eat 1-2 pieces of beet.

Thanks to this recipe:

— improving the quality of the blood;

— cleanse the body — a diuretic effect to clean the liver;

— reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes of the 2nd type, of osteoporosis;

— inhibits the growth of cancer cells;

— reduces the phenomena of the menopause;

— enhances the function of sexual glands, cure impotence;

— improves cardiovascular and respiratory systems;

— reduces the pressure;

— increases stamina — increases the absorption of oxygen by the tissues of the body;

— rejuvenating effect, because it contains substances that contribute to the creation of new cells;+

— useful in exhaustion and fatigue;

— out syndrome “cold feet” due to vasodilatory action;

— strengthens the arteries, the capillaries, ligaments and bones;

— prevents obesity (especially fatty liver).

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