Healing solution that pulls from the legs all the pain

Целебный раствор, который вытягивает из ног всю боль

A few years ago at night twisted and turned feet – did not know how and where to put them. The result – sleepless nights, lack of sleep, fatigue and irritability. But the legs are our support for life. But I found his legs a treatment.

In a bowl or bucket, pour 2-3 liters of warm water, dissolve soap (toilet not good!), that water was white as milk. Added a handful of baking soda and sea salt (any suitable), stirred to dissolve, added hot water from the kettle, which could endure, once stirred, add 10 drops of iodine. Dipped a toe in this solution to the ankle for 15 minutes – not a minute more, or start the reverse process!

During this time, the solution pulls from the legs all the pain. Feet wiped with a towel, smeared with cream or a healing ointment (olive oil), massage your feet, put on wool socks and went to bed. The solution used 3 times, each time warming up to tolerable temperature, and adding 10 drops of iodine, kept the same 15 minutes. After 3 times was preparing a fresh solution.

Make 10-12 procedures (daily), then break down the health. Anyone have problems with the veins (varicose veins and thrombophlebitis), solution do not hot, but warm.

After the first treatment, I slept soundly, and after 10 treatments I forgot how my legs were pulled and twisted. My feet said thank you for caring! Treatment I now spend sometimes when required. My toiler-summer resident also use this recipe, everyone is happy!

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