Health and beauty cheap: 7 pharmacy means to be treated for a penny

Здоровье и красота дешево: 7 аптечных средств, чтобы лечиться за копейки

We present you 7 cheap pharmacy means in different forms of production that are leaders in their field. The treatment is not always expensive, and we will tell you how to do it. Do not just buy tablets for internal intake. Note pastes, emulsions, magnesia, gels, capsules and other medicines for practically pennies.

1. Pasta “SULSENA”

Здоровье и красота дешево: 7 аптечных средств, чтобы лечиться за копейки


The drug is already known for decades. Even our parents knew how effective paste “SULSENA” for hair care. The drug is available in the form of an emulsion in which selenium disulfide. This is what the active ingredient is a powerful subregulation, therefore, allows to get rid of dandruff and hair problems.+

To use paste in the following cases:

  • dandruff;
  • oily hair;
  • split ends of hair;
  • hair loss;
  • limp hair.

After the first use, the hair becomes stronger, so it can appear thicker. If this happens, then the paste is worked in full force, and you can not worry about the problems of the hair and scalp in the future.+

2. Badyaga

Здоровье и красота дешево: 7 аптечных средств, чтобы лечиться за копейки

It is not widely known, but the most effective drug. Use it to clean the skin and rejuvenation. Better to prepare from the “fresh-water sponge” the mask with hydrogen peroxide.+

Badyaga is a freshwater sponge, which is sold in powder form, or in a more modern version – the gel for external use. Peeling with the help of powder badyagi offers excellent results, which can be compared with expensive salon treatments. This mask completely removes the layer of dead skin cells, along with acne, blackheads and other impurities.+

The method has two drawbacks. First, the frequent use of the mask of the peroxide with the “Pain” accelerates hair growth. Therefore, this method is not recommended for people with heavy facial hair. And, second, to do this mask only if the next 12 hours will not have to go anywhere. Active the impact of the mask causes severe redness of the skin, which lasts up to half a day.+

Make a mask simply. Dissolve the powder badyagi in hydrogen peroxide, and a moment later, spread the mixture on wet skin. For maximum effect the desired rate of masks. The following procedure can be carried out when the skin is fully healed and will be peeling. To reduce the redness, you can use zinc ointment.+

3. Epsom salt (magnesium)

Здоровье и красота дешево: 7 аптечных средств, чтобы лечиться за копейки

About this drug and many have heard but few people know which usually use of magnesia. Most useful Epsom salt is high blood pressure and people with kidney problems and liver. Magnesia produced in ampoules, used for emergency decompression. But today we will talk about the magnesia powder, the salt baths.+

Bath with Epsom salts is useful for:

  • People suffering from kidney problems. The procedure removes excess water from the body, greatly simplifying the work of the kidneys.
  • People with skin problems. Psoriasis, acne and blackhead perfectly cleaned already with the first procedure.
  • People wanting to lose weight. The effect is ensured by the property of salt is to withdraw excess water from the body. Prepare a bath of 1 kg of magnesia powder, and you will be able to lose weight for a few days.

Spending more of one procedure per month is forbidden!+

4. Cosmetic clay

Здоровье и красота дешево: 7 аптечных средств, чтобы лечиться за копейки

Using cosmetic clay known to all. This skin care and hair. There are many varieties of clays from the usual white, blue, yellow to exotic Indian, etc. Cheap package will allow cheap and useful to take care of the skin and hair. For this invented different ways of using clay baths, masks, wraps, etc.+

The most popular are the following types of clay:

  • green – fatty type of skin and hair;
  • white – dry skin and hair;
  • blue – option for all skin types.

5. Bluefroger 1

Здоровье и красота дешево: 7 аптечных средств, чтобы лечиться за копейки

Gel for eyelids “Bluefroger 1” – the most powerful tool for health and youth of the eyelid skin. In its structure a large amount of hyaluronic acid, which is the best way to combat bags under the eyes. Gel is applied to the eyelids three times a day, and before bed especially smeared with a thick layer. This will eliminate puffiness, smooth out wrinkles and improve skin color.+

To enhance the effect of means, some people additionally buy vials of pure hyaluronic acid, and add it to the vial with the drug “Bluefroger 1”. Then before each use you need to shake the bottle, and the result will be visible soon.+

6. Aevitum

Здоровье и красота дешево: 7 аптечных средств, чтобы лечиться за копейки

Capsules “Aevit” is the best tool in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes. The drug is a concentration of vitamins A and E, so it is absolutely safe and naturally relieves age-related problems.+

To use the tool can 2 weeks, then needed a break. Apply the contents of the capsules to the skin 1-2 times a day under the eyes. 2 hours after application, the composition can be wet cloth. But if the procedure is performed at home, and there’s no need to rush, better to let fully absorb.+

7. Ice cubes with herbs

Здоровье и красота дешево: 7 аптечных средств, чтобы лечиться за копейки

For anybody not a secret use natural herbs namely chamomile, succession and jojoba oil. We offer you an interesting recipe that will allow you to get fresh, healthy and delicate skin. In addition, this tool removes fatigue of the person will give it vitality.+

For making funds pour in olive oil, dried chamomile, series and jojoba oil, pre-dispersing this mixture in molds for ice cubes. Wipe these cubes face each morning to give the skin a healthy look. After a hard working day you can also use the cubes to relieve fatigue.+

Use our tips in favor of health and beauty. To have an attractive appearance and healthy complexion, do not have to spend a lot of money. Trust the experience and share it with your friends!


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