Health crisis: the condo free of charge for families in need

Crise sanitaire: des condos gratuits pour des familles dans le besoin

A car rental company home temporary of the National Capital to provide free condo unit to people affected by the health crisis.

Last week, The Newspaper related the story of a couple who, a few days of becoming parents, finds itself in an impasse. The construction of the future condo Frédéric Mérette and Jennifer Landry had been suspended because of the pandemic, and their old property was already sold.

Touched by their story, the president of the company, ARROW, Simon Landry, has made the decision to add his grain of salt in the fight against the crisis and to help his neighbor.

It therefore offers the cottage in a unit of condo that is fully equipped, for a period of 31 days, to 10 families in need.


Frédéric Mérette and his wife will be also the first to take advantage of the offer of Mr. Landry.

“It removes a huge weight on our shoulders, it is incredible. It will be much more functional for us than living in a hotel, with a small baby, at $ 150 a night. It is really relieved, ” says the Journal, Mr. Mérette.

Any person who would like to receive this little boost is invited to send an e-mail to ARROW via the following address :

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