Health horoscope for Zodiac signs

Гороскоп здоровья по знакам Зодиака

Health horoscope for Zodiac signs
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What health problems have different signs of the Zodiac. Photo:

The astrologers also give advice on strengthening body and spirit, taking into account characteristics of each sign.

List the strengths and weaknesses of the health signs of the Zodiac were the experts. Astrologers told how to improve the condition of the body and spirit to live a long and happy life.

Health horoscope: Aries

Aries has good health, often ignores the ailments they are themselves. I don’t like doctors. Aries woman either feels great or on the verge of physical exhaustion. Active and restless, but need to diet. Rams often work till you drop. Aries need to control their emotions, not to fall into a rage, as not to strain muscles of the face, avoid overeating, excessive alcohol consumption. Men-Aries often suffer from disorders in the sexual sphere.

Weaknesses: nervous exhaustion, insomnia, breakdowns, periodontal disease, weak bones, susceptibility to fractures, cuts, burns, nervous exhaustion, migraines. Inflammation of the sinuses, headache, epididymis, eye diseases, polyps.

Diseases: insomnia, headaches, unclear, unclear fever, heart disease, liver, gall bladder, thyroid gland, nervous system, meningitis, quinsy.

How to preserve health: Aries illegible and indifferent to what they eat. However, in the second half of life it is necessary to reduce the volume of food and improve its quality. The diet should be sufficient protein and organic iron present in lean meat and beans. Inhibits the absorption of iron in the body, strong tea. Recommended diet – beets, celery, carrots, spinach, walnuts, dates

Health horoscope: Taurus

Calves often suffer from diseases of the throat. They are predisposed to be overweight, like a lot, there is drinking, Smoking and sex. The female Calf is not recommended to have a relationship with a male Scorpio, as possible STDs. Overall, the Bulls are healthy and vigorous, not inclined to complain, patient. Calves are more easily tolerate the pain and inconvenience, punctual and meticulous, ready to implement all recommendations of the doctor.

Weakness: diseases of the endocrine system, thyroid, sinusitis, muscle strain, acne, boils, asthma, goiter, throat disease.

Diseases: liver, spleen, spinal cord, fatigue (from excesses of all kinds), schizophrenia, obesity, depression, stomach is bothering, hoarseness, loss of voice.

How to preserve health: Taureans love to eat, especially foods rich in starch. It can give overweight. They need sulfate, which contain spinach, beets, Swiss chard, cauliflower, onion, pumpkin, radish, cabbage.

Health horoscope: Gemini

The twins have a good build and are resistant to diseases, with long arms and legs, with sensitive and dry skin, seldom complete, and often freezing cold. Tend not to overeat and do not like alcohol. Gemini needs to learn to relax to avoid sleeplessness and nervous diseases, eat less meat.

Weakness: bronchitis, asthma, lung disease, hands, and various nervous speech disorders, susceptibility to sepsis, poor healing of wounds.

Diseases: allergies, colds, insomnia, rapid fatigue. Gemini it’s hard to relax, especially when tired.

How to preserve your health: in the diet should prevail foods with protein: lean meat, fish, cheese, eggs, nuts, salt. Very healthy food, rich in calcium: dairy products, turnip greens, cabbage.

Health horoscope: Cancer

Cancers love a lot of delicious food, although predisposed to be overweight. Can not without the sweet, especially with age. But often hate sports. Children usually suffer Cancers all childhood diseases. Cancers-women are not good with pain, but childbirth pass them easily. Cancers are often depressed and in those moments, especially the diseases. They need to move more and exercise daily Hiking.

Weaknesses: digestive disorders, gastritis, ulcers, dispersion, hypochondria, multiple sclerosis, digestive disorders, edema.

Diseases: stomach ulcers, susceptibility to infections, metabolic disorders, chronic bronchitis, depression.

How to maintain health: food, rich in calcium fluoride. Vitamins b-2, C and E. Drink a lot of milk, cabbage, watercress, lemon, raisins, rye bread.

Health horoscope: Leo

Often the Lions are healthy and attractive and look good, even if not feeling well. The lions have pink cheeks and shining eyes. The lions quickly recovered after the illness. In the summer, to the Lions, as they easily burn. Especially The Lionesses. Age under 50 for them is critical.

Weakness: diseases of the thoracic cavity and the heart, angina, disease of the spine. Vascular disease.

Diseases: bladder, rheumatism and other diseases of the joints, blood vessels, nervous system.

How to preserve your health: they need food that contain magnesium phosphate. Vitamins C and E – more citrus fruits, eggs, seafood, salads, and blueberries.

Health horoscope: Virgo

Virgo – healthy men who follow the diet. Normally, Virgo secondary growth, but not like sports and scrupulous work. They often go to the doctors, suffer from chronic bronchitis due to Smoking, diseases of the nerves and stomach. Virgins should avoid heavy meals and strong disturbances.

Weaknesses: intestinal disorders, peritonitis, diseases of the abdomen, constipation, diabetes.

Diseases: liver, stomach, blood, lower extremities.

How to preserve your health: Mineral salt Virgos need potassium sulfate contained in chicory, oats, cheese, almonds and beef.

Health horoscope: Libra

Libra often suffer from sciatica, rheumatism, vertigo. Libra male usually beautiful and slim, tall. Women are also beautiful and with big eyes, sensual mouth and curly hair. During illness like the care, attention, empathy, prone to simulation. They need gymnastics.

Weakness: kidney disease, radiculitis, nephritis, uremia, kidney stones.

Disease: lesions of the hands and feet, nephritis, pielonefrita because of kidney stones. Weak resistance to diseases. Shared frequent state of weakness as a consequence of laziness and poor lifestyle. Should beware of the cold and wet.

How to preserve your health: recommended diet: rice, fish, eggs, greens, figs, citrus. Best bait and medicine – watermelons. Pre-birthday spend yourself watermelon diet for 3 days without food on the watermelons.

Health horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpios are the masters of fate. They have a large exposure. It is sturdy, big-boned people with developed jaws, wide brows and cold eyes. Love to eat and drink. Not doctors, and therefore suffer of the disease. Patient and enduring, rarely seriously sick, the aged. Women fatal. Scorpio’s inherent aggression and eroticism.

Weaknesses: gynecological and prostate cancer. Infectious and skin diseases, endocrine system. Often tumor and AIDS.

Diseases: peritoneum and genital organs, bladder, nose.

How to preserve your health: they need the calcium sulfate. Absorbed from fresh fruit and vegetables: onions, garlic, asparagus, cabbage, figs, radishes, cherry, plum.

Health horoscope: Sagittarius

Sagittarians are worried about their health, an active lifestyle. Usually it’s sports, developed people, with age they become more representative, but remain cheerful. Drink a little, like sleeping properly balanced, but often too much work. Sagittarius is often on the extra finger on the hands or feet.

Weaknesses: disorder of the autonomic nervous system, joints, sprains, sciatica, rheumatism, liver disease, internal bleeding.

Diseases: liver, head and neck diseases for up to 30 years, nervous – after 50 years.

How to preserve health: need more quartz – the source of rind from fruits, vegetables, figs, strawberries, prunes, parsnips, brown rice, ripe cherries.

Health horoscope: Capricorn

With age Capricorns become health. Generally hardy, have a high resistance to disease, they have developed the instinct of self-preservation. This is often thin people with well-developed bony skeleton. Men with a face like a rock, women with big expressive eyes. Capricorns are usually pessimists, they have frequent periods of melancholy and depression, they have problems, meaningless to others, that harm their health. Capricorn requires careful self-control, healthy lifestyle. They need to learn to forget the troubles at work and to be closer to family.

Weaknesses: early salt deposition, the violation of salt metabolism, weakness when walking, reduced hematopoietic function of bone, inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Diseases: gout, rheumatism, skin diseases, liver, stomach.

How to preserve your health: the main salt for Capricorn is calcium phosphate, which is rich in cabbage, asparagus, spinach, lentils, kidney beans, celery, almonds, cucumbers, barley, egg yolk, lean meat, brown rice, strawberries, figs, blueberries, prunes.

Health horoscope: Aquarius

Aquarians tend to live very long, wisely perceive all the UPS and downs in life and at work. This sign is often slim, well built, with a charming eyes, blond and gray-eyed. Likes hunting and sports, in compliance with the regime. For it is categorically harmful Smoking.

Weaknesses: typical varicose veins, vascular disease, thrombophlebitis, allergies, cholecystitis, spasms, cramps, arthritis, blood diseases, eye, nervous disorders, swollen calves of the legs, anemia, heart weakness.

Disease: migraine, various neuralgia, stomach trouble, liver and lungs.

How to preserve health: need sodium chloride, i.e. salt, vitamins – C and E. Therefore, it is necessary to lean on honey, lemons, hard cheese, turnip greens.

Health horoscope: Pisces

Fish are often weak and brittle, prone to diseases of the legs, lungs, colds, diseases of the eye. They should not overwork vision. Love to hang out, why often prone to bad habits. And they are also experiencing a strong attraction to mysticism, but easily manipulated. Fish need a positive self-suggestion, many of them vegetarians.

Weakness: insomnia, hallucinations, mental illness, skin diseases. Characteristic of flat feet, diseases of the feet.

Disease: nervous system, heart, alcoholism, addiction, fear

How to preserve your health: p potrebnosti in foods, rich in phosphate, vitamins E, D, S. Fish need to eat cucumbers, beans, beef liver, almonds.


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