Health network: Quebec does not rule out a reform

Réseau de la santé: Québec n’écarte pas une réforme

The prime minister François Legault does not rule out a further reform of the health network, less than five years after the Gaétan Barrette, while NURSING homes in the province complain that more than 2000 deaths, according to the last balance sheet.

“In the medium term, it will surely have to ask questions on governance, on how to make it more efficient, how to ensure that the guidelines to limit infection to be respected,” he said yesterday, in a press conference in Montreal.

On Thursday, the ministry of Health and social Services has also made public for the first time in nearly two weeks, detailed figures on the situation in NURSING homes.

On his first visit to the metropolis in two months, the prime minister met the CEOS of the centres integrated academic health and social services (CIUSSS) and integrated centres for health and social services (CISSS) in the region of Montreal, the epicentre of the pandemic.

Several questions

Why is there so much death ? Why are there so many infections ? What guidelines were given ? These are questions that François Legault is looking for answers, he said before the meeting.

“My goal is not to find culprits, but to find solutions “, also said Mr. Legault.

He recalled that the previous government had grouped the CHSLD in large organizations which include, under a single leader, hospitals and youth centres, among others.

“I’m not a big fan of going to make that much of a brewing of structures, but how do you that the situation that we have lived in NURSING homes does not happen again ?” wondered the prime minister.

François Legault, inter alia, reiterated its intention to look “very seriously” the possibility of making public NURSING homes, many of which are under private management.

Chronic problems

“We knew, that there was a problem,” he said about those institutions, who were many to juggle with a chronic lack of staff, due, according to him, wages too low.

Currently, the government Legault says it is ready to increase by 12% the salary of orderlies to make this job more attractive, but the negotiations are unsuccessful, because of the unions demanding the same increase for all the jobs, ” -he said in English during the press conference.

For what is a new reform in health, Mr. Legault believes that ” the most important change was never made “, that is, that people with minor health problems can be cared for with their family doctor rather than go to the emergency room.

In addition, the thousands of military forces deployed in the province to support a score of NURSING homes will remain there until June 12. And Quebec is launching a large-scale screening of 48 000 workers in NURSING homes in order to prepare a balance sheet.

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