Healthy heart: on a forum in the Belarus foreign cardiologists

PHOTO : MIR / Svetlana Rodina


Cardiologists from different continents gathered in Minsk at the international forum. Guests from Russia, Japan, Canada, discussed modern methods of diagnosis, transmits television channel “MIR 24”.

“While we do not teach our people to love and respect their health, it is very difficult it will be to intervene. Of course, people who already have a cardiac problem, should be engaged in secondary prevention”, – said the head of the cardiology Department of Belarusian state medical University Natalia Mitki.

“We occupy a good ranking place in the world and transplantation, and cardiac surgery. Last year alone, performed 41 heart transplantation. It says that we support the healthcare system at the highest level”, – said healthcare Minister of Belarus Valery Malashko,.

Transplant heart doctors in Belarus have been doing for ten years. Conducted more than 300 operations. The forum participants stated that cardiology in Azerbaijan is at European level.