Heat and little rain: the weather forecast in Moscow on the last day of June

Тепло и небольшой дождь: прогноз погоды в Москве на последний день июня

Last day of June in Moscow promises to be warm. Day the thermometer rises to 19 – 21 degrees plus, possible light rain, according to the website meteorologist.

“In the afternoon in Moscow the temperature will be 19-21 degrees Celsius. In the night of Monday, she can fall to plus 9. Western wind of 5-10 m/s. atmospheric pressure of approximately 742 mm Hg”, – stated in the message.

In the area the day temperature will fluctuate in the range of 16-21 degrees Celsius. In the night it can drop to plus 6 degrees.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow, beaten 70-year-old record for cold. On Saturday, the thermometer fell to plus 12 degrees. According to experts of the center “Phobos”, such figures are typical for the end of September. For two days the capital was hit half of the monthly norm of precipitation. According to meteorologists, global warming will come to the Russian capital on Monday, 1 July.