Heat record broken in Montreal yesterday

Heat record broken in Montreal yesterday

The weather has experienced a period of warming in the last few days, so much so that a heat record for September 27 was broken yesterday in Montreal as well as in a few other places in Quebec.

The 27.5 ° C recorded yesterday at Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau airport thus surpassed the record set in 2003 by 0.9 ° C. In Quebec City and Sherbrooke, in particular, the mercury also came close to old marks.

“The wind that has been coming from the southwest for a few days has brought up a mass of warm air from the United States, which has brought higher temperatures and humidity,” explains Michèle Fleury, meteorologist at Environment Canada.

In the metropolis, people took advantage of the mild temperature to soak up the sun.

You might as well savor this last hot day today, since the mercury is likely to drop again tomorrow, she warns.

“We will have a few rainy days this week and temperatures that will approach normal for the season,” said Ms. Fleury.

The thermometer will hover around 15 ° C next weekend.

Too early for Indian summer

It is too early to qualify the streak of good weather that began on September 23 and will end tomorrow as the Indian summer since there has been no frost period in the south of the province, estimates Mrs. Fleury.

“The real Indian summer – a cultural rather than a weather phenomenon – is more evident around October,” she says. It is therefore always possible that we will have other stretches of days above seasonal norms in the next month. ”

In fact, Environment Canada is forecasting a long and mild fall.

“According to forecasts, the temperatures felt during the months of October and November will be above seasonal norms,” says Michèle Fleury.

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