Heavy losses for the gyms

De lourdes pertes pour les gyms

QUEBEC | The financial consequences of the closure of the training centres because of the crisis of the COVID-19 begin to be felt. Two months after the announcement of the government of Québec, the owners were afraid of having to put the key under the door.

The president of the Club Advantage Multi-Sports de Quebec, Serge Jacques, urged the government to let him reopen his establishment. He does not understand why this is not yet his turn.

“How to explain to them that we can play tennis outside today, but that we can’t play inside? It is 33 meters away from our opponent,” explained Mr. James.

In addition to the tennis courts interiors, its customers can take advantage of classes in group and a training room complete. But since the 15 march, the centre is empty. “It’s five to twelve. The tennis club inside, there are twenty in Quebec, and there are hundreds of gyms that are in financial difficulty”, said Serge Jacques.

Jessica Fortin, owner of the Studio, The Beach, brush the same table. She opened her studio in 2014 to offer courses of weight on board paddle. Today, without any input of money, its financial health and distress. She still has to pay the rent and insurance. “Everything that is a program of the government, I am not entitled to anything”, has launched Jessica Fortin.

As Jessica Fortin, Serge Jacques are preparing to offer courses outside. Usually in the summer, the coach gives classes on four points of the various water of the region with boards to paddle. This source of income is now essential to its survival. However, there has still been no announcement from the government on the resumption of exercises in the open air.

In the meantime a re-opening date, many owners are preparing their centers. Serge Jacques was already installed, window plastic, and commissioned masks and disinfectant.

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