Heavy on the rise: how to persuade a friend on the journey

Тяжелый на подъем: как уговорить друга на путешествие 

Already tired of the cold weather and dream about a vacation but have no one to fly? WomanHit.ru prompt as correctly to offer a joint vacation forever busy friend.People traveled always — from the time of Columbus to the present day. Though their goal was the discovery of new lands, and now — getting new experiences and a change of scenery. It is a pity that only a small part of your environment holiday time coincides with you. However, we know how to persuade the other but a joint “prank”.Remember datenwerk you are seen at dinner in the restaurant adjacent tables endure celebration cakes. People often travel to get away from everyday worries to celebrate an important date: birthday, wedding anniversary or bachelorette party.Speaking of friends, remember your main holiday — the day when you met a loved one. You may not know the exact number, but the month and year remember for sure — what is not a reason to celebrate?Fly on wickedne be sure to plan a two-week journey to distant lands — leave it for the main part of the holiday. And for short “respite” from the work schedule invite a friend to fly to a nearby country for the weekend — all of Europe at your disposal. To fly to the far away country — Portugal — about 6 hours, and the nearest Finland is just 2 hours.Remember mechtel friendly company you could raise the theme of travel in the course of the conversation. If you have already visited so many places but do not want to fly again alone, think about where I wanted to go your friend.Even without knowing the specific countries can be expected to place his photos in social networks.The sea or the mountains, cool +hot 15 or +30 depends on the destination.Defining the list of countries find attractive photos and discreet fold him pictures in the course of correspondence in the messenger. He wants to know where this place is. Your further task is to make advertising, describing all the advantages of that country, and then offer to fly there on vacation. It’s in the bag!Paid vyhodnye you combine a holiday with national holidays, the last Day of national unity, its duration will increase. The best time for extra travel and new year holidays and may holidays. Yes, the tickets will have to look ahead, not to pay them double the cost due to the high demand. But at your disposal will be a week — enough to recover and with a positive attitude to work.I hope that you will succeed. A fun and eventful trip!

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