Heavy rains expected over the northern half of France December 22 and 23

    Heavy rains expected over the northern half of France December 22 and 23

    Abundant rains are forecast until Christmas on the northern half with a parade of disturbances, a real “atmospheric river” with almost continuous and substantial rainy passages, giving 20 to 60 mm from Brittany to Alsace, locally 60 to 80 mm in 3 days in particular between Belgium and the Ardennes.

    CTuesday, a disturbance will ripple all day north of the Loire with heavy and frequent rainy passages north of the Seine in particular and from Brittany to Normandy. More to the south, the weather will be dry under a hazy sky. The notable event of the day will be the exceptional softness over the whole country, with maximums that can sometimes approach or exceed 20 degrees in the south, 13 to 17 degrees in the northern half, or 10 to 12 degrees above normal! The wind will also be sensitive to sustained or even strong.

    Wednesday, pursuit of a very disturbed weather to the north with still rainy waves marked between Brittany, the Paris basin and the Ardennes then especially from the Massif Central to Alsace during the day and evening, with sometimes heavy and heavy rains, accompanied by a great softness and a sensitive wind. Showers and first showers in the north-west towards the English Channel where the beginning of cooling will occur.

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