Hélène Florent : and if the girls of “The galley” were?

Hélène Florent : et si les filles de «La galère» se retrouvaient?

MONTREAL – Hélène Florent launches spontaneously the idea : and if, like the band of “Friends”, the four friends from “The galley” renouaient for an episode of reunion, 13 years after their settling in the home of Mrs. Baer (as embodied by the late Andrée Lachapelle), which marked the beginning of their adventures to the screen in 2007?

“We could turn a special Christmas 10 years later, with the grown-up babies!”, dream aloud, the performer of the bohemian Stéphanie Valois, whose career had been propelled in large part thanks to “The galley”.

Aired on Radio-Canada from 2007 to 2013, the comedy-drama Renée-Claude Brazeau had also allowed the public to attach to Brigitte Lafleur (Mimi), Geneviève Rochette (Isabelle) and Anne Casabonne (Claude).

While “The galley” continues to make its mark in the replay at United TV, Hélène Florent, looking back with amazement in his memories.

Helena, is that you look at yourself, “The galley” in replay?

“It’s great! Already, when I came over, I showed excerpts to my boy of four years, and I told him : “Look, it’s mom!” He responded : “Why are you wearing glasses?” (laughter) because of the containment, as it seeks all of the things to look at, now, I record the episodes. I have followed since the beginning. It is still topical, interesting, funny and touching. There are scenes which I couldn’t remember. People write to me to tell me that they look at it once a year and know the replies by heart, but for me, there are little bits that I had forgotten! (laughter) Recently, I’ve also found a couple of DVD business that my mother had at the beginning, when there was a promotion. I sent photos to the girls, and they even remembered not having done such or such a thing! (laughter).”

– It allows us to see that the young actors who played the children of Steph, Isa, Mimi and Claude have grown much since…

“I love seeing little ones! I’ve got almost all recroisés thanks to the business. Several still play a lot. They are now teens and young adults, and have continued to ride their hump in series and movies. It is very touching to see. It is also an opportunity to review Ms. Baer, as interpreted by Andrée Lachapelle. Everyone had his place in this team, there was no jealousy between us. All the girls worked well and we had a good audience each other. The atmosphere was great.”

Andrée Lachapelle

– You had several powerful scenes to play in “The galley”, comedy, or drama…

“It was a dramatic comedy, but there are scenes where I had the taste of tears and, suddenly, laughing. Especially thanks to the character of Claude. They were laughing in tears. And it, it really is a tour-de-force that Renée-Claude (Brazeau, the author) succeeded in several scenes. In fact, I had a really good character. I miss a lot of Stephanie! (laughter) I am bored of its qualities and its defects. There were phrases superb in “The galley”, with strong messages of self-acceptance and integrity, and friendship. The girls may be “all notes”, they are always there for one another! Today I rise to just to listen to it more in depth and I discovered other aspects of the series.”

– In your opinion, where would be visited Stephanie in her journey, in 2020?

“It would be necessary that his loves remain complicated! (laughter) At the end of the series, she had married with Marc (Denis Bernard), but she had an affair with the father of her ado (Daniel Parent), she just had a baby… I believe that the four girls would still be in the house!”

– At a certain time, you was shooting at the same time in “The galley” and “the Whole truth”, two series where you incarnais the main role. This period has been a whirlwind for you?

“It was huge to do both at the same time, but it is hard to say no when we are offered the work. I remember being upset with my family and my friends, but I was happy to do so. I had a lot of fun on the sets. It is true that they were big years. Today, I still have great projects, but I can be present for my boy.”

– “The galley”, on Wednesday, at 20 p.m. (and rebroadcast in the week), to United TV. The series is also available on HERE Tou.tv. You can also see Hélène Florent in “The skids”, on Club illico.

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