“Hell comes to the surface”: in Kiev there was another break of a heating main video

«Ад выходит на поверхность»: в Киеве произошел очередной прорыв теплотрассы - видео

© RIA Novosti, Vadim Zhernov In the center of Kiev on the street of nazarovskiy, near the Botanical garden, there is a breakthrough heating duct. This was the eyewitness Sergey Novitsky said on his page on Facebook on 8 November”a New breakthrough heating: in Kiev revived the asphalt. On the street nazarovskiy hell begins to come to the surface. Judging by the number of accidents, Kiev this year expect a very warm winter,” he wrote and uploaded a video.Earlier, an expert in the field of energy Dmitry marunich warned of major infrastructure accidents that can happen because of the huge depreciation of utilities. According to Ukrainian public figure Alexander Skubchenko, it is about 80%, which compromises the heating season in Ukraine.

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