Hellish crush of burgers in Russia! People, you do not feed?!

Hell of a stampede for burgers in Ufa.

Пекельна тиснява за бургерами в Росії! Люди, вас що, не годують?!

We thought that the queue for the sausage and tights sunk in the deep depths of the USSR. Oh, no! The event, which will surely go down in history as Ufimka crush, or Standing for burgers in Ufa, reports Rus.Media.

It was formed in honor of the opening of Burger Timati-Black Star Burger 4 APR. On the eve of the event, the rapper promised handing out free sandwiches to everyone — and people crowded on Kulikov. The opening promised at 17.00, but the afflicted, began to catch up to the area for 12 hours. From drone eyes on the forehead climbed when he saw this crowd.

Timothy in Ufa made on stage a few burgers and handed out to the audience. At some point the crowd got out of control, and formed a crush. Organizers have repeatedly tried to calm the crowd, but this was not possible. From the scene said that such behavior is present handing out free burgers in Ufa stopped, and people began to leave the area and not try the burgers.

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