Hemorrhoids and cough: the healing pomegranate powder as a panacea for many diseases

При геморрое и против кашля: целительный гранатовый порошок как панацея от многих болезней

Most of us defines the pomegranate as the fruit with a bright scattering of grains and unforgettable taste. But the color and taste is only the tip of the iceberg, which hides incredible healing properties. Discover them for yourself in our article.
Best known for its healing effect is the pomegranate juice. We want to tell you about what forces are hiding in the skin, how to cook from her powder, how and against what to use.+

What cures pomegranate powder

Control of pathogens viruses

Such serious pathogens viruses like Salmonella, dysentery Bacillus and other, you can easily get out of the body, to use a solution of water with a decoction of powdered pomegranate peel. And to be cured in just a week.+

Wound healing

It is well established that even Hippocrates used this infusion for healing wounds. On the sore spot he laid a cotton cloth, which was pre-wetted in the infusion. It maintained in a moist condition and not removed until the wound is healed.+

Pomegranate peels are one of the sources of large amounts of vitamin C. With their help you can easily stop any kind of bleeding, and in severe hemorrhoids enough only 8 grams of powder. This powder must be mixed with water, brought to a temperature of 30-40 degrees, to a paste. The resulting paste is need to apply twice a day to ease symptoms.+

The treatment of cough

If the pomegranate peel grind into powder and mix with water, this composition can be used to combat cough. To this resulting mixture, rinse the throat. In addition, the treatment is good to help pills, composed of the peel of pomegranate and pink salt. These ingredients must be mixed in proportion 8:1 and add water in such amount that in the end you get a homogeneous mass of thick consistency. From the resulting mass needed to make balls of small size. You should drink at least one ball three times per day.+

As for the children, they in combating cough will help ordinary dried crust that they can just hold it in your mouth.+

Rejuvenation of the body and strengthening the gastrointestinal tract

If you mix the powder of pomegranate peel with the zest, it will help to cure acne and make the body younger.+

And if you add to this mix peppermint or ginger, and you can make tea which will have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. This tea helps in diseases of the digestive system, as well as in the intestinal disorders.+

In addition, it can help to cleanse the liver and kidneys, as well as get rid of harmful bacteria. To improve the taste, this tea is recommended to add honey and leave to cook for about 5 minutes.+

General rules for the preparation of powder of pomegranate skin

For optimal use of pomegranate rind from it is recommended to remove the inner part as it is bitter and not very pleasant taste. Meanwhile, it should not be discarded because it also pounded into powder and used to treat many diseases. The outer part of the peel to scroll through a meat grinder or chop other way until the consistency of powder. You must then pour it in a container and keep stored in a cool place.+

This powder contains a lot of useful elements such as potassium, phosphorus and beta-carotene. Therefore, it is possible to get rid of quite a large number of serious chronic diseases.+

The familiar world around us carries many useful. We hope that we were able to reveal to you the healing hand grenade, and now you’re everywhere will use them to benefit their health. Learn about the world in which you live,

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