Her brother steals her fortune

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    Paul Lamontagne took care of his uncle defrauded until his death, and then defended it for two years so that his other uncle was convicted.

    Stéphan Dussault

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 19:13

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 19:13

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    The worst quarrels of inheritance arise even in the best of families, as was learned the hard way a man from Granby, who saw his uncle being robbed of his life savings by his two brothers.

    “This is a human tragedy. The fraud of his brothers precipitated the death of my uncle. He finished his life ruined and ashamed of having been cheated and abused by his relatives “, said sadly Paul Lamontagne.

    Sitting at a table in a cafe on Granby, the nephew tells the story of how Yvon, and Rudolf, brothers of his uncle, Armand Hand, have bled, until his death, in march 2015, by emptying gradually his bank account and robbing his safe deposit box. He also tells how he struggled for two years in court to restore the honor of his uncle.

    “It was I who took the money. This is the worst case that I have made to my life, ” says Yvon Côté. But I made it to give to my brother, who kept me achaler for it to be taken to it spending,” he defended in a telephone interview with The Journal.

    A judge comes to exculpate Rodolphe Side, but condemned severely Yvon Côté to repay 65 400 $ stolen from his brother’s widower and weakened.

    Photo courtesy

    Armand Side
    1926-2015 (89 years)

    Flights series

    Armand liked very well, however, his brother Yvon. To the point where it is to him that he asked if he would be kind enough to help pay the bills and deposit their pension cheques in his bank account. He then signed a power of attorney so that it accesses to your account and safety deposit box.

    The gesture of mutual support turned into a flight in the series for seven years. On August 9, 2006, he withdrew $ 20,000 of the bank account, “200 bills of 100 dollars,” says Yvon Côté. March 10, 2009, this is another 8400 $ that it is appropriate. There was then a lean 212 $ in his account.

    The safety deposit box will also. The man accessed nine times between 2004 and 2010, removing a total of 40 000 $.

    United family

    The family was not at loggerheads, according to Paul Lamontagne. When Armand has sold his home close to $ 100,000 in 2004, he even gave 4000 $ to each of his seven brothers and sisters.

    Yvon, he just got in the dish of candy by saying that nobody would question the death of his brother. But Armand took more time than expected to die and eventually see that it emptied the account. It is there that he alerted his sister, the mother of Paul Lamontagne, and the latter took things in hand.

    “It can happen even in good families,” said the one who was in charge of the affairs of his uncle since his death. The problems of alcohol and money, some take advantage of the weak. “These are all people over 70 years of age. It’s amazing any of it,” he says.

    The worst of it is that the heirs should not review the color of money. The confession even of Yvon Côté, it is not solvent. “It is a great disappointment to the family “, he admits.

    Independent person

    If his uncle had appointed an independent person to ensure a time or two per year that the money was properly spent, the situation would not have escalated, ” he said. But even though he will not see the color of the stolen money, Paul Lamontagne is proud to be invested in what has become a legal saga. “I am pleased to have defended my uncle against things that no one should have to suffer. “

    Repay his fraud after the death

    You have scammed a man and you cease to pay your debts owed to him to his death ? Bad idea.

    It is necessary to continue to pay back his frauds even after the death, what Maryse Cotton has learned to his cost.

    She was sentenced last December to repay the 3914 $ she still had to Michel Brewer that she had attempted to defraud four years earlier.

    Unpaid rent ?

    At this time, the woman’s task was to collect the rents of the buildings that the

    Mr. Brewer held in La Pocatière, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. However, in 2012, the real estate investor finds that he is missing approximately $ 14,000 in rent, and income from laundry room. He ensures that his tenants were well-paid, and then confronts Maryse Cotton, who admits to have kept to it. She intends to repay it gradually.

    Michael Brewer dies in June 2015, at which time Maryse Cotton stops its payments. The heirs are well aware of the thing, since the deceased had signed acknowledgements of debt to Maryse Cotton. Then, it is a kids game to convince the judge ordered to continue the payment of his scam.

    Maryse Cotton has not made the calls from the Log.

    It sends to court the impostor who cared for her husband dying


    Diane Bourget shows a photo with her husband Yvon Bergeron. She kept the jars of vitamins “prescribed” by the healer Lucien Morin (mortise).

    A woman who was managing the legacy of her husband has sent to court the quack who treated him with vitamin C before he died of cancer.

    Diane Bourget is a determined woman. Unsatisfied in 2015 of the decision of the College of physicians, which condemned the pseudo-healer Lucien Morin to pay a $ 12,000 fine to have prescribed vitamin C to her husband’s cancer, she was sent to court on behalf of the estate to reimburse 563 $ of natural products was sold a few months before the death of Yvon Bergeron.

    Photo courtesy

    Yvon Bergeron
    1947 – 2014 (age 66)

    Last hope

    “At that time, my husband bought hope. And me, I didn’t want to break her dream, ” explained the Newspaper, the woman Saint-Apollinaire, located 30 km from Québec.

    In October 2013, already struggling with advanced cancer of the brain, Yvon Bergeron has consulted with Lucien Morin, a follower of the self-healing. He stops taking these vitamins for a month and a half later, and died in February 2014.

    Last December, the judge condemns the follower of the self-healing to reimburse the estate for the cost of prescription drugs, in excess of $ 1000 for the troubles caused.

    A Christmas gift poisoned for Diane Bourget since four months after the judgment, it says it does not have yet seen the color of this money.

    “What to send to court a man without honor ? plague-t-it. Is it that I will pay up to $ 800 a bailiff to try to get my money back ? “

    It has not been possible to speak to Lucien Morin.

    A son sentenced to repay 34 500 $ to the heirs

    A son who demanded $ 25,000 to the estate of his mother has been sentenced to repay to 34 a $ 500 cheque drawn in his blind for five years.

    You can’t pick what you like in the account of his mother, even if she has given a power of attorney to deposit and withdraw money, just remind him of a judge.

    Michel Fortin called this money to the three cheques that her mother would have given in donations to offset the sale of a house to the family of one of his brothers. But the prosecution of the seller of heat pumps in Terrebonne turned against him.

    Photo courtesy

    Jeannette Lachance
    1926 – 2015 (89 years)

    Not an open bar

    He had a power of attorney from his mother to manage his expenses, which did not give him the right to make checks. Yet, by his own admission did to his nephew, who manages the estate, the power of attorney is used ” to take money all the time “.

    The director of the bank has reminded the Court that it was forbidden to withdraw money from the account of his mother for himself.

    Michel Fortin, him, ensures that his mother gave him the right to keep these cheques to compensate for the sale of the house to a grandson. However, “there is no notation on the checks […] laying down, even by a beginning of proof by writing, that fire madame Lachance was doing these checks for the benefit of his son Michel Fortin” wrote the judge.

    No evidence

    This is why the magistrate does not hesitate to require that it shall reimburse all amounts pigés in the account of his mother. And rejects his request for cheques that he had still not cashed.

    He can pretend that her mother has donated all of this money, there is not even a beginning of proof “, concludes the judge.

    “If my brother was coming to testify, it would have been more clear. But the 34 500 $, it was my money that I had deposited in the joint account that I had with my mother “, he swears to the Log.

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