Herbs against cancer: how to control the growth of cancer cells by the forces of nature

Целебные травы против рака: как сдержать рост раковых клеток силами природы

Many herbs are rich in bioactive components that have properties of antioxidants. They have the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and even cause their death. See extensive list of herbs that can give a good fight to cancer!

What herbs kill cancer cells

Herb known to us primarily as condiments and spices, gives taste and aroma to any dish. And herb has long been valued not only for pleasant scent but also for healing properties. And now that modern science has once again turned to nature, people are rediscovering the recipes of our ancestors. Numerous studies confirm that the usual grass can struggle with serious diseases, including cancer.+

1. Thyme (thyme)

This aromatic relative of mint is not only used in cooking but also in treating. So, one of the studies revealed that the essential oil of thyme has a devastating effect on the carcinoma of the lung and prostate, and breast cancer cells. An important role is played by carvacrol is a compound that is contained in thyme.+

2. Rosemary

Rosemary is widely used in Spanish, French and Italian cuisine, and has the ability to improve memory. Studies show that it also helps in the treatment of cancer. This plant contains such useful components as karmazinova and rosmarinic acid.+

They help to restrain the growth and development of cancer cells in carcinoma of lung, prostate and liver, chronic myeloid leukemia, adenocarcinoma of the lung and prostate. And rosemary extract may slow the development of certain cancers caused by chemical exposure.+

3. Sage

Sage is valued for its minty and spicy aroma, but can also fight cancer. As it turned out, this plant causes the death of cancer cells and reduces the growth of melanoma cells, carcinoma of the bowel and hepatocellular carcinoma. Sage contains many biologically active and useful substances. Of them particularly effectively fights cancer ursolic acid.+

4. Parsley

Parsley is another well-known herb with strong anti-cancer properties. Myristicin able to suppress cancer caused by benzopyrene – toxic substances produced in tobacco smoke, grilled meat and smoked products.+

Animal studies have shown that myristicin can inhibit the formation of lung tumors by 65% and tumor in my stomach is 31%. The beneficial properties of this compound come from its properties to activate the detoxifying enzyme called glutathione-S-transferase.+

5. Curry leaves

Curry leaves are widely used in Indian cuisine, but, in addition, also used for medical purposes. This herb acts as an inhibitor of the proteasome, and thus can cause the death of cancer cells.+

Proteasome is a cellular complexes that destroy proteins. Studies have found that proteasome inhibitors selectively destroy cancer cells and make tumor cells more sensitive to chemotherapeutic drugs.+

6. Holy Basil

Holy Basil has long been prized in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties. In this powerful herb contains such useful components as eugenol, rosemary and karmazinova acid and apigenin, which help fight cancer. Basil increases the activity of antioxidants and prevents DNA damage from radiation. And yet it inhibits the formation of new tumors and stimulates the death of diseased cells.+

7. Brahmi

Brahmi, or bacopa monnieri, traditionally used in Ayurveda. Components such as bacopaside E and bacopaside VII, derived from plants, have a toxic effect on the cells of such cancers as a malignant glioma, colon adenocarcinoma and breast cancer. Animal studies also showed that these compounds greatly inhibits the development of sarcoma cancer of connective tissue.+

8. Ashwagandha

In ashwagandha a lot of antioxidants which have the ability to fight cancer. Active components such as withaferin, withanolide and vitanen contained in the plant, has shown its effectiveness against different types of cancer. In particular, withaferin And is able to suppress the development of breast cancer and b-cell lymphomas.+

9. Sanjivani

Sanjivani is another plant that is used in Ayurveda due to its medical properties. Laboratory studies have found that the plant extract can stop the growth of cancer cells. It delays DNA fragmentation, provides antioxidant protection and prevents genetic damage to this carcinogen, as methylisocyanate.+

Experiments on animals have shown that it also reduces the development of skin tumors. These anticancer properties are contained in sanjivani flavonoids.+

10. Guduchi

Guduchi, or tinospora serdtselistnaya, traditionally used to improve memory and learning abilities. But, in addition, this plant exhibits potent anti-cancer properties. In animal studies it has been discovered that it has a preventive effect on chemically induced cancers of the liver.+

Guduchi reflects damage to liver cells, and increases the level of antioxidants and detoxifying enzymes. Experiments on mice have also shown its ability to inhibit the development of skin tumors and slow the growth of tumors lymphoma Dalton.+

Herbal drugs can not replace the standard treatment

The above herbs have shown very potent anticancer potential and can be used as an alternative cancer treatment. However, studies are still at an initial stage, or were carried out only on animals. Before these methods of treatment will become part of official medicine, should be held large-scale human studies.+

Therefore, you should consult with your doctor about the need for and doses of these herbal medicines in the treatment of your case. Given the pronounced anti-cancer properties of these herbs, you can apply them preventively.+

Remember: do not start taking new drugs without a doctor’s permission, especially if you are already being treated. They can influence each other and create an undesirable effect.

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