Here are 10 reasons to be glad that you’re 30 and you’re not married

Вот 10 причин радоваться, что тебе 30 и ты не замужем

After listening to the complaints of his lonely and beautiful 30-year-old girlfriends, I was seriously loaded. I’m also beautiful (and, as you can see, very modest!) and definitely unmarried.

After a long and gloomy thoughts thinking I was ready to fall into depression, but at some point decided to look at the problem from a different angle. And suddenly realized that being single at 30 is not a bad thing, and sometimes even very good! And here’s why…

Reason # 1. Nobody makes the brain!

Why so late from work? At home there is nothing! That man is calling you at work after nine in the evening?

In vain it is considered that it is women who are the Champions in the brain stem. Men are always and everywhere superior to us, and in this case, without a doubt, they are also masters level 80.

Reason # 2. No need to miss the fun

To ask my husband to sit with colleagues in a bar after work? To abandon the noisy parties at the clubs because, according to thy blessed, “women go only for one”? To miss the monthly get-togethers with friends, as he asked to stay home? Oh, no. Pipes!

Reason # 3. You feel like a woman, not a dishwasher

Honey, where are my socks? What shirt should I wear today? How many times have I told you how to do pleats?

Oh! Alas, complete with the beloved man and you acquire an additional set of responsibilities at home.
I personally – people conservative. Mom and child drove into my head that to run the household is a female responsibility. OK. I agree. Cooking, cleaning and even removal bins – no problem!

But why turn a woman into a maid? How hard is it to put dirty socks in the washing machine and press the button “start”?

“And you so hard?”

“Yes, damn it! I arrows on your iron pants! And then go cook me nice dinner. And then wash all the dishes. And you lie down, the TV look. Well or games on the computer play…”

Reason # 4. Nobody wakes you up on Saturday morning…

“Honey, what do we have for Breakfast today?”

After a hard week damn I want to sleep until noon, and better – until the evening. Instead, you hear: “Honey, what do we have for Breakfast today?”, slowly rise up and trudge to the kitchen, on the way uticas all available in the apartment…

And won’t say anything as he dragged you coffee in bed. A couple of times. At the beginning of the bouquet-candy period…

Reason # 5. No need to go to his mother…

Yes! Tell you a big secret! Some women, like men, I hate the gatherings of the parents. Especially in the output. Especially in the morning when you up for an omelette…

Reason # 6. You can spend money on dresses and makeup!

Though the entire salary! And you nobody will say anything. And even a reproachful glance in your direction!!!

Many of my married friends go shopping a secret from the spouses. And never show them your new clothes. And if my husband noticed – the course is tested: “well Yes it is old… How? Didn’t you see?” (Thank God, men are not able to remember the exact women’s closet…)

Reason # 7. If he needs a new wheel, you still buy yourself a dress!

Even if you have a long and serious relationship, but you don’t live together, and the budget you have separate. In a marriage everything is shared. Especially the money. And most often the priority is not in your favor…

Reason # 8. You can’t every day to date

Each time with a new friend. And meetings will be romantic and memorable. And the apartment will be decorated with bouquets of flowers. And candy will always be in the house. And soft toys. And a new perfume!

Reason # 9. You will always have time for yourself…

Want to go to the gym? Go. Want to the hairdresser? Please. Want a movie? Maybe sit all weekend with unwashed head and in the stretched sweater and watch “the Holiday” or “Sex in the city”? And devour a box of chocolates at one time? Yes, health!

Reason # 10. Each day will be filled with exciting expectation…

There is nothing more wonderful than every morning to draw arrows on the eyes, painting lips with red lipstick, and then go outside, smell the autumn, to breathe with full chest and think: “maybe I will meet him today?”

And dancing in the subway with romantic music in the headphones, and wink at the handsome, passing you on a pedestrian crossing, and flirt with colleagues (but only to flirt!), and enjoy a glass of wine in the cosy bar to some boring week day, and sometimes even sad, that while you one, but be aware that it is long and even you…


I am an optimist in life, and therefore is convinced that a pair is for everyone. I truly believe that office of heaven has already taken care of that. And if you’re still single, just time has not come yet. Maybe upstairs decided that you deserve the best and has all the knobs Easter in search of your ideal men, and even almost doletali to the desired page in the list of candidates. If you’re 30 and you’re unmarried, this is not a reason to give up. Because one day he still will come, and happiness will never end. And Ironing. And the wash. And cooking. And socks under the bed… But that’s another story!

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