Here are 5 signs that you drink too little water. Do not ignore them!

From dehydration is more of a problem than you think.

Ось 5 ознак того, що ви п&#039єте занадто мало води. Не ігноруйте їх!

We all know from biology lessons at school, that person is 70 percent water, life on our planet possible also thanks to the water, reports Rus.Media.

Also we all know that you need to consume enough water for our body to be healthy and the body strong.

But know, not so performed….a lot of people because of laziness and consume very little water, or believe that tea, juice, and other drinks, and even soups instead of water. It is not, for health the body needs is water!

Since the human body is very smart, he sometimes alludes to the lack of moisture. Here are the 5 most common signals of the body about the lack of water:

1. Dehydrated skin

The skin is very necessary moisture to maintain a healthy appearance, elasticity and smoothness. See if your skin remains dry even after moisturizing creams – a signal the body about the lack of water! I make it a rule to drink 2 liters of water daily, and see how changing your skin.

2. Rare urination

The average adult goes to the toilet “on-small” 7-8 times. If you vtudose the restroom at least 4 times – start to drink more, this is no joke! At these rates it’s easy to get kidney disease.

3. Dryness in the mouth

This is the most popular sign of dehydration. Try to keep a bottle of water and drink it as soon as you feel dryness in your mouth.

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4. Headaches

Yes, Yes, it’s true! Did not expect? Lack of water and headaches are interrelated. Also the lack of moisture you may feel dizziness, cutting throbbing pain in his temples.

Begin drinking more water and You will feel how much easier it has become your brain.

5. Dark urine and a strong smell

If the color of urine dark shades, and the smell is concentrated, you know – your body lack of water.

In a healthy person, with enough hydration the color of urine is transparent yellow.

And are you drinking enough water?

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