Here are the Quebecois (and the French) are known to have fought the COVID-19

Voici des Québecois (et un Français) connus qui ont combattu la COVID-19

The world of the arts and the world of politics have not been unaffected by the sars coronavirus. Everywhere on the planet, several well-known names have been forced to cope with the COVID-19 over the last few weeks. Very many are those who have had the best on it. Here are some Quebec and French very well-liked in the province that were part of the batch.

Monique Giroux

Without the public being aware of the radio host Monique Giroux had to negotiate with the COVID-19. As his wife, she has devoted its efforts to defeat the virus. It is this which explains why it has been replaced at the microphone of its programming broadcast on the channel HERE First for several days in march and April, and that reruns of his appointments have been offered to its listeners. Without specifying the symptoms that have affected it, it has let know, on Facebook to Easter, it was healed. Consultations with a doctor – some of which took place on the phone – he was very helpful, she has not had to make between the walls of a hospital.


The least we can say is that the singer Ceeko has lived a very sensitive situation. At the beginning of the month of April, the candidate of the team of Garou during the sixth season of The Voice has received a positive diagnosis following a screening test for the coronavirus. But this is not all: his daughter, Kara, aged just two months, has also contracted the disease. As soon as the verdict fell, the artist of 35 years has published a message on Instagram, inviting people to the greatest of cautions, confident that she was “extremely sick” and having had to negotiate with “all the symptoms”. On April 9, Ceeko, however, had good news to announce to the internet users: a healing official for him and his baby.

Christian Essiambre

A little past mid-march, the comedian of the acadian Christian Essiambre and his wife began to experience symptoms (cough, fatigue, muscle pain) related to the COVID-19. Because he was returning from a trip, the one who lends her traits to Ghislain Thétrault, the owner of the Café de la place in the soap opera another story, decided to focus seriously on his condition. If the tests have revealed that he and his lover had done well to take care of them, they have thankfully confirmed that the three children of the couple had not contracted the virus. Back in health, Christian Essiambre was reunited with his colleagues of the series Newbies in April to begin to offer appointments virtual comic.


In march, after his return from France, the young singer Lenni-Kim and her mother, not feeling very well, decided to pass the screening test for the coronavirus, the hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont. The quebec artist who was noted during her stint in The Voice Kids, in france, a few years ago, and her mom have both been affected by the COVID-19. Immediately, Lenni-Kim took to social networks to greatly encourage people to stay at home and take the situation very seriously. In mid-April, he told his friend PL Cloutier be freed of the virus and have been relatively lucky, having avoided the big symptoms that are usually associated.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

The pandemic was just beginning to settle in Canada already, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau had to negotiate with the COVID-19. On 12 march, the media have heavily reported on the state of health of the wife of the canadian prime minister. Judged to be “weak”, its symptoms are in spite of everything immediately led to a confinement and pushed her husband, Justin Trudeau, to place themselves in voluntary isolation. At the end of the same month, the first lady of the country was held to share good news on Facebook, that is his healing confirmed by the public Health agency Ottawa. She took the opportunity to send love and courage to the many people affected.

Dominic Champagne

Things have not been simple to Dominic Champagne and his wife. In spite of the symptoms (problems with the nose, the throat, bronchi, etc) pointing to the coronavirus, the director and his wife, confined at the beginning of the pandemic in Quebec, have had to make several calls to health professionals and to visit, not once, but twice, in a clinic, in order to get an answer to their question. As soon as the confirmation is received, the environmental campaigner has warned of the population, especially people that he and his wife had coasted from the 9th march last. And then, Dominic Champagne has been placed again in quarantine after a visit to the hospital to see his mother, carried away by the COVID-19 April 14.

Patrick Bruel

At the beginning of the month of April, it was learned that the name of Patrick Bruel had been added to the list of celebrities struggling with the coronavirus. However, since more than two weeks, the popular French singer thought of their admirers, their interpretation of the songs live on the social networks, the guitar or the piano, and exchanging with them. By contrast, the COVID-19 has not greatly weakened the artist, who has already qualified of “great choice” when he compared his suffering to that of many other. On 10 April, he was very optimistic about his condition – it has been supported by doctors on the phone -, saying that he believed that this “fucking” was behind him.

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