Here the effect on the character of the woman the first letter of her name!

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!

Strange, but true! See for yourself. So, if Your name starts with the letter…

Letter born leaders, the initiators, the heads in the alphabet set aside her “starting position”. Since childhood independent, decisive, active and ambitious. They love to lead other people, which is manifested in all fields: at work, at home and in bed. Reluctant to adapt to other people’s desires, almost always act in their own way. Appreciate the comfort, susceptible to flattery and praise — they can conquer the man who will endlessly say them compliments. Avoid household chores — the role of a caring domestic goddess is not for them.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


Owner name on this letter, full of contrasts, like the outline of the letters. The upper “cap” and hardness in the sound suggests stability, reliability and dedication of its owner. A woman committed to real wealth and has serious patrons. However, the “rounded” make it romantic and sensitive, often introvert by temperament. Characteristic: those whose name starts with the letter “B” fans to tickle your nerves. Hence the passion for extreme sports, thrills and risky business transactions.


Women whose name begins with that letter, have excellent intuition. Sometimes it seems that everything that is happening around the events they anticipate in advance. However, it often happens that a rich imagination prevents them to separate truth from fiction. They always set high goals, and they have sufficient will to implement them. Revniviy and possessive. Categorically don’t lie, so others should not expect them to catch — they are not capable of betrayal, even if it is about their well-being and success. In love, passionate and loyal partners.


A woman with a disarming smile that opens doors for her. It is able in an instant to lift another person’s mood, that’s why men especially are often drawn to her in difficult moments. Intellectually gifted — they love to load themselves with work that allows you to train the brain, memory, mental activity. Very attentive to all details — the effect of natural desire for perfection. Thoroughness and pedantry impact on their personal life — this woman is in no hurry to get married. And she is very squeamish.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


Pragmatic and very mundane in their aspirations of women. Too stubborn, which often get “stuck” on the way to the cherished dream. Believe me, with the support of people you trust, and even then they giving you much faster will achieve the target. This can be very difficult — they don’t like to admit their mistakes. In his personal life focused on family, so always choose a mate with an eye to the future. Very charming, know how to arrange a beautiful romantic surprises and to surprise the partner in sex.


Extremely sociable. They acutely feel the need for constant communication and exchange of new ideas. Is alone they are contraindicated. Very amorous, usually several times married, strongly tied to their partner. This quality is wonderfully combined with their love of freedom: they don’t tolerate that at work or at home they were being controlled or forced into any framework. Through sensitivity and insight are perfectly cope with the role of mediator or arbitrator.


“W” in the beginning of the name says heightened sense of justice of their owner. These women are ready to do absolutely everything so that they themselves and people around them felt comfortable and happy. But, unfortunately, often under the guise of concern they can begin to manipulate loved ones. Winner of numerous natural talents. Emotional, impulsive, often doing things on the “hot head”, yielding to the fleeting desire. Honest, but secretive — will try to carefully avoid answering, but never cheated. Sentimental, they need a man with rich inner world, their ability to surprise and to move.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


Dreamer and dreamer. Using their imagination they often try to isolate themselves from reality (especially in difficult situations) and to live in his dream world. Through rose-colored glasses all around, really looks more rosy, and they feel happier. But the reluctance to take up minimal liability prevents to move forward in love and in profession. I love attention, constantly waiting for words of admiration to your address. Choosing a long time partner in life, and when you decide to settle down, remain faithful to their partner.


Talented, gifted women who can not just achieve some success in the field of art (from fashion to music), but even to go down in history. They look at the world with wide eyes, trying not to overlook the slightest detail. Domestic demand for spirituality is reflected in appearance: as a rule, graceful and refined person. Their outward swing does not negate the straightness in the statements, they will not keep my mouth shut if the situation does not suit them. And their “truth” may hurt.


Endurance and insight — with these qualities is to begin the description of a psychological portrait of Christina, Camille, Cleopatra and other members of the clan with a “K”. Their main principle of life: all or nothing. Take care of your nerve cells! You are too sensitive, easily excitable and tend to take a fleeting problems to heart. If someone needs to talk, to vent and to be sure that their secret to keep — more reliable and considerate candidates to find. In doing so, they remain very secretive and mysterious. Very sexy, so even ex-partners often try to return to them.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


The lives of these women centered around beauty. This also applies to external manifestations: they spend a lot of money on your own closet, beauty rituals, the interior of the house, with a special love furnish your workplace. At the same time have an inner beauty — an outstanding artistic and artistic abilities, innate grace. Honest, patient, generous. A bit frivolous, they should learn to make the right conclusions from their mistakes and don’t repeat them again. Very attentive to the comfort of a loved one, doing everything possible to make his life as comfortable and pleasant. A great hostess.


Around the “M” turns the whole world — they invariably become the center of attention and attraction. This consonant letter represents maternal care, warmth, sensitivity, love of nature, peaceful nature. Are impatient — if you want something, here and now. Are fair-minded — eager to try a lot, to learn, to check on their own experience. In the Western interpretation of “M” is the prerogative of workhorses and workaholics who are willing to not sleep a few days for the sake of timely implementation of the project.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


Creative and creative nature, which did not used to think in patterns and act like everyone else. They will always find a way to show their originality and to give vent to fantasies. Never agree to a monotonous, uninteresting work, even if it promises great income. Imagination does not prevent them from critically and rationally relate to their own personal lives — they are very selective in choosing friends and partners. Often this overly sensitive attitude — the consequence of betrayal by a loved one, and they are afraid of a repetition of the painful situation. Carefully monitor the health. “N” loves to document their life experience, such women often keep diaries and blogs.


Women with high moral principles, which they are not prepared to sacrifice. Their spiritual beliefs are as strong as their will. They like to feel the limits, to adhere to laws and regulations — it gives them confidence and a sense of security. They know how to distinguish the main from the bustle of life. “Oh,” you know how to handle money, wisely budget, spend wisely and invest. Their ability can successfully put into practice by building a career in the financial sector. Jealousy can become a serious test for their relationship. Learn to trust the partner, don’t be too insecure and suspicious.


Polina Praskovya, Pelageya, what they have in common is punctuality, thrift, and sensibility. They are seriously concerned about the kind of impression on others. Their goal is to achieve a stunning effect from a single fleeting glance in their direction. This obsession with external attributes does not make them dummies. This is just part of their tactics is to occupy a high position in society, to stand out from the crowd, to achieve a certain degree of influence. Therefore, the external gloss is added the natural excitement, and pressure. And they are too curious to other people’s secrets, I love to gossip.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


These women are not afraid of work, which will require enormous effort and patience. Adrenaline and a large amount of energy expended — for them it is a kind of “detente.” Good-natured, sympathetic, but rather self-centered person; single life; they can be difficult to delegate responsibility, to make concessions or to enter into equivalent partnerships. They will always try to dominate. Don’t even try to bring them to their knees! To avoid family drama and scandals, they should choose a love partner from among close friends.


The way of life of women whose name begins with this consonant, subordinated to a single goal — at any price to stand out from the crowd. For this, according to, for example, Svetlana, Sabine or Stephanie, by any means. Some choose the path of external brilliance, relying on the spectacular and seductive appearance. Others “buy” the attention of others at the expense of their own material security. Others behave extravagantly. And when representatives of clan “x” get their way and begin to “reign” on the selected area, they look for a suitable partner. Their demands are too high is to find such a wonderful and handsome Prince b

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


Tatiana, Thais, Theresa love life at high speeds. Since childhood they can’t sit still in one place. From time to time they have to remind you that it’s time to “lose momentum” and to slow down, otherwise, you can “skip” an important stop. They tend to love at first sight. In personal relationships they are assertive and aggressive, but at the same time sacrificial and passionate. The truth, not afraid to Express an opinion about another person in his face will never be scheming behind his back.


The letter “I” makes to the character of the owner name of the trick and a deceit. Such women are easily fooled and rarely feel on this occasion remorse. In addition, they are predisposed to all the glamorous, the game in public. Absolutely non-confrontational person. It seems that the fate they are destined to live by the principle “give and take”: the more they sacrifice and do for the benefit of others, the more you get in return. They are very sensitive to the time control schedule, such people have, literally, every minute counts. Have a sensitive intuition, bordering ekstrasensornykh abilities.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!

Great homemaker and hospitable hostess. Dedicated in love and loyal to their family. They can devote themselves to motherhood, sliding fully into the background of their own career ambitions. So women it is important to find in the face of her companion and a reliable support: spiritual and material. You should not write off their opinion with accounts they can if they wish to defend their interests. Be careful even with the best of intentions do not interfere in a situation in which your participation is not required — you will have problems.

Those whose name begins with that letter, can quickly make a fortune, but just as quickly you lose it. They say spenders shopaholics and who get genuine pleasure when spending money. In the long term gain financial prosperity because of his talents. Have come to rely on our own strength and with great care take someone else’s help. Learn to be not only strong but also weak. Religious, responsive, compassionate, this letter is a reminder on the observance of moral laws.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


Some of the most witty of women. Brilliant sense of humor — their main weapon of seduction. Thanks to him, they are constantly surrounded by not only friends, but also a large number of fans. This is particularly important because these women just can’t be alone, which frequently and indiscriminately change partners. Your main talent — and wit — they start up in business not only for good purposes. Can be cynical, hurts a sarcastic joke.


Capable of unselfish participation in the life of unfamiliar people. This letter brings to the character of the desire to help one’s neighbor unselfishly, exclusively from knight’s generosity. Romantic idealism and strong family — that’s the credo of a woman. She was raised in a solid moral foundations. The only advice: don’t be so gullible, don’t take on the role of the DOE — victim of the tiger.


A charismatic personality! Their voice, gait, gestures are difficult to confuse with someone else. Each turn of the head, a casual wave of the hand, the selected accessory is felt — these women are special. They used to surround themselves with only the most interesting, unique people who are pushing them to Excel. Consonant “sh” makes a person cool, in an extreme situation he did not give in to panic, retains clarity of thought. Find happiness next to the person close to them in nature.

Вот как влияет на характер женщины первая буква ее имени!


Freedom-loving, I love to break the rules and are constantly moving the line. Let some people look at them with conviction, in secret most jealous of their independence. Of these women say they “see people” — can one look to see through any person. They are very difficult to cheat. Very stylish, their fashion advice is to listen.


“S” gives women a sense of purpose, but at the same time gives them too romanticized concepts about the self. They are charming and irresistible, but very easy to cross the line of decency and the domestic virtues, becoming haughty and arrogant. I love it when events go on as usual, making changes in life. Our advice: if you want to achieve impressive professional results stop postpone important things for later. Love be gentle and considerate, able to make his chosen one happy.


This is a strong energetic leaders, careful, thoughtful, prudent. They are like a sponge, absorbing the necessary information, have an excellent memory and ability to learn foreign languages. Women with a vowel “I” — very passionate, with a rich sexual fantasy, but there are very naughty to satisfy their appetites will be very difficult.

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