Here’s how not to pick up an infection while travelling by plane

Give up hot drinks!

Ось як не підхопити заразу під час подорожі літаком

It happened that after the flight you have pimples, or cough, or Allergy, or simply incomprehensible disease? We usually are all out for acclimatization. But in fact, in most cases, the culprit bacteria on the plane. Someone all the way, blowing his nose, someone eating, someone releases gas, and the room closed and the air circulates in a circle. Therefore, it is important to know what danger may be waiting for you on the plane to avoid it, reports Rus.Media.

We’ll tell you what to do or not to do to a holiday or business trip was not spoiled by the disease.

If possible, don’t pick an aisle seat

American studies at Emory University showed that the most dangerous place in terms of catching the infection and various bacteria is a seat near the aisle. If to trust statistics, that 1 out of 150 passengers is always the bearer of infection. But if you’re sitting on the aisle, past you go different people.

Disinfo folding table

It’s a shame, but the truth is that workers have of the aircraft do not always have the time and inclination to carefully wipe all the nooks and crannies on Board. The table on the back of the seat is one of the dirtiest places on the plane. So always wipe it, and even better from the top of the stele tissue. And never eat foods that fell on the table.

Don’t order ice with your drink

It would not have wanted something cool, don’t order the plane drinks with ice. And it’s not that after him the odds to land a cold or sore throat. On Board there is a system for making ice. But the quality and standards of purity of the water used for this purpose, can vary greatly depending on the airlines.

Don’t order hot drinks

Also, experts advise not to order tea or coffee, because for them the water is rarely boiled to the desired temperature. So many germs remain alive, besides, we already talked about the fact that water quality is not always good. And workers do not always faithfully wash Cup, especially in economy class. It is proved that in 15 % of cases water for drinks contains potentially harmful microorganisms.

Ось як не підхопити заразу під час подорожі літаком

Choose food with heat treatment

Unfortunately, not all airlines and food suppliers take their responsibilities in good faith. Most passengers are greeted in the pits with a salad mold. So, to be safe, it is better to choose foods that undergo thermal treatment.

Don’t put things in the seat pocket

In America, a study was conducted in 2014, which showed that many harmful bacteria can live in seat pockets one or more weeks. So better don’t put their stuff there. Especially a tablet or phone.

My hands

Always Stella on the toilet seat special one-off, even if you let him sit down. The plastic surface is a Paradise for bacteria. And having finished all my business in the restroom, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands! Yes, everybody knows about it, but not all do. And do not drink water from the tap and rinse her teeth.

Turn on the ventilation

In a well-ventilated area for the microbes to multiply more complicated than in a stuffy. So always include ventilation, because the onboard filters can purify the air 100 %. If your ventilation system is faulty, tell me about the flight attendant or requires that you have transferred (subject to availability).

Don’t use pillows and blankets

Another school of many airlines — they don’t wash the pillows and blankets after each flight. To clean the set you can just for an early morning flight. But if the plane makes a few flights a day, it is better not to use bedding.

We in any case did not want to scare you. It is clear that in flight that lasts 10 hours or more, you will sleep, eat, and go to the toilet. But take into account the points made above, in order to protect themselves. Especially if you have sensitive skin or a weak immune system. And also take care of the health of others, if he is a carrier of the infection.

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