Here’s how to turn a plain dollar bill into a powerful money talisman

Вот как превратить обычную купюру в мощный денежный талисман

Always works!

This bill will certainly be useful. Most importantly, from time to time to update it. There are many conspiracies are able to make regular bills good luck charm. Plays a significant role and faith in it.

Of course the mascot of the millions of draws, but the chance to earn extra income will increase a lot.

Ritual with the growing Moon

Select any bill to make it a mascot. Wait For The New Moon. Two weeks until the Moon will rise and gain his power, you need to charge your bill and its energy. Put the selected denomination on the table or on the windowsill, propped her coins.

Even better would be if you put the bill on top of the silver. Don’t touch the money the whole growth period of the moon to the full moon. When the full Moon is over, take note-talisman and say the plot: “Luck come debt get out. Rest, good luck until it is dark outside. Come work for me, when I’m awake. I spend money, I’m saving up”.

Received two weeks of growth of the moon talisman can be used for about six months, and then it is better to repeat the ritual of recharging. Bill you can carry in your wallet, you can leave at the workplace — at your discretion. It will greatly improve your intuition and help you more likely to get away with it in the case of risky gambles.

Ritual with mirrors

It is a powerful magical ritual, which requires caution. You will need two mirrors, a candle and a banknote of any value. Put two mirrors opposite each other right in front of him to form energy relationship. One mirror may be to the left, the other right, so you didn’t see their reflection in each other. In places the flow of energy is incredibly powerful.

Put it between the mirrors, a lighted candle. Swipe over her bills, but she didn’t. Enough is a pair of three times. Then you need to put money directly between the mirrors and read the plot: “Force of faith conjure money into the mascot draw. As a candle shines, warms, so the money in my pocket to warm. So be it.”

After reading the plot, you first need to extinguish the candle, then at the same time to lower the mirror or move away from each other, and then to take up the bill. To do anything preferably in that order. The ritual itself is conducted in silence, solitude and tranquility. No one should disturb you.

Ritual with water

Pure natural water is considered a truly magical substance. Her energy is huge, so it can be safely used as a means for charging a variety of mascots, including cash.

Type of water source — a spring or well. It should be clean and cold. Take a small plastic bag, put your chosen denomination, then tightly tie it. Place the bag in the water. Make sure that the package was sinking — it is not necessary to leave in it a lot of air.

Put in more coins to weight. Leave the bag with the money in fresh cold water for about a day. After you get the bill, it will be charged with the energy of nature. This will attract good fortune even during the most difficult periods. Yet this bill will help to strengthen intuition, creativity.

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