Here’s the scary and dark hell your character Zodiac sign!

But really…

Ось найстрашніша і темна риса вашого характеру по знаку Зодіаку!

Most fans of astrology to choose the best quality of your sign and pretend there is nothing scary, weird or unpleasant, reports Rus.Media.

But in fact, each Zodiac sign has its own terrible side (especially the Scorpion!). If you are not afraid to look the truth in the eye, read our most honest horoscope.


Aries: you just icipat rage.

From it can not escape, Aries: you need a therapist!

You are as stubborn and persistent, like other fire signs — Leo and Sagittarius — but unlike them, your enthusiasm is just that turns to rage. You’re just a walking time bomb. And the more you try to hide your anger, the more he breaks out in the form of unpredictable mood swings.

Sign up in hall. Or buy a bike stress. And how would not have to regret!

Taurus: your possessiveness is off the charts.

It is obvious that you need to make everything you think and sometimes it comes to mania. Your perseverance, materialism and sentimentality does not allow you to give up anything, and the more expensive you some thing, the more you Sturges in opinion that have it a lifetime.

Excuse me, dear Taurus, but there are some things to possess is impossible — for example, memories and loved ones. When you are trying to claim their right to them, it resembles an unbalanced maniac.

Yes, and accumulate a bunch of stuff too, perhaps not: your guests are not delighted with your habits to fill all surfaces in the house some valuable reminders about the past.

Gemini: you are a wicked liar.

Your friends know that you are chatting behind them, the Twins. No, you’re not a bad person, you just can’t not to share my opinion about a terrible secret that is revealed to you loved ones.

Sorry you had so much to tell that everyone now knows: you can’t be trusted secrets. Yes, you know it yourself, but I just can’t help myself. No matter how you try, you can’t bring yourself to be honest and loyal.

Well, but you have enough charm to make new friends instead of those you have offended and betrayed and whose trust discarded.

Cancer: you love the role of victim.

Dear Cancer, you do a great deal to loved ones and, although you don’t like to admit it, I think I deserve more from them. And even less than you like to admit that more care about the ones you love only your underdeveloped Martyr complex.

You don’t just think that you always cheated; you KNOW that. And this knowledge only strengthens your image of the strong, the brave guard who goes against the ingratitude and images.

In fact, Cancer, you are too much obsessed with the idea that it all depends on you and the pleasure you get from this confusion only reinforces your persistent victim complex.

Leo: you are a narcissistic monster.

You all are the best, so, Leo? Wherever you were you always the center of attention — and not complaining! You even can not think that your friends might not like it, because you are so generous!

Or rather, that’s what you think. You are generous, cheerful and energetic, so how can anyone compete with you in popularity? But if you inflate the drama just to make it interesting, then how can you be blamed? What’s wrong with being the center of attention?

Of course, you never refuse it. You’re a good friend who would never hurt your friends just for a minute of glory… or not? From time to time you imagine your funeral, where all your friends are going to push speech about your beauty, exclusivity and charm (and not expect!).

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Virgo: your desire to control everything is just beyond us.

Caring for others does not look as you imagine. You are so fixated on the desire to prove everyone around to perfection, instead of a care plan and monitor someone else’s life, even asking the opinions of others (of course, you are justified by the fact that take on other people’s worries).

You show care and diligence to everything like grow tree-bonsai: a rigorous approach, total control, planning and no Amateur.

Do you think that this is devotion, but in fact you don’t have self-control, so you go too far, forgetting about emotions. It features not the second, and a serial killer.

Libra: you sympathize with the worst people.

Know all about your balance and empathy, Weight. You exert effort, constantly demonstrating that they take the decision only after carefully weigh and consider all the factors. In result you are considered eccentric, but at the same time kind and fair.

But this medal has also a reverse side. You give equal weight to any point of view that sometimes requires you to put yourself in the place of frankly disgusting individuals. All this is your kindness, and justice is based on the ability to sympathize with the worst of the worst.

Can you pretend that hatred and violence lead you into the horror, but deep down you know how to succumb to them.

Scorpio: you are very interested in the objectively terrible things.

Scorpio, you have something clearly wrong with the internal compass that guides you to interesting and motivating events. Your interests differ from the interests of others: the more something unpleasant, the more it attracts and repels simultaneously.

Crime, tragedy and taboo topics that attract you more than anything else, and your interest does not disappear even when everyone else is already in disgust turned away. You do not know why it happened, but I understand that it is better to remain silent.

In fact, you just afraid to hear the confirmation of her deepest fear: when someone looks into the abyss too long, it means that he is the abyss.

Sagittarius: you are a perfect leader of the sect.

You, dear Sagittarius, inspiring friend and leader, as you know. You are optimistic, adventurous and inventive, and your desire to travel and thirst for knowledge has allowed you to acquire a great number of friends and acquaintances, ready to follow you to the ends of the world.

You find it difficult to remain within the strict limits of the boring everyday duties. You want to go in search of comprehensive truth, to find like-minded people and preach this truth to their followers.

Know what it most resembles? Sect! Enough to romanticize their pravdukhin imagination — focus on more mundane matters. And that one never knows will take gullible friends into the depths of hell.

Capricorn: you are ambitious sea goat, devoid of any feelings.

Is there something what would you go for your own benefit, Capricorn? Friends admire your determination and commitment, and you even can’t imagine how these qualities can someone prevent.

Not that you were wrong (still — how can you wrong?!), but your ability to achieve any goal can have dire consequences for those who stand on the path to achieving them.

But you what? They are to blame, because everyone is responsible for themselves, right? You don’t mind if others start to use you for their own selfish purposes? Or what?

Aquarius: your ideas for improving the world is absolutely inhuman.

Humanity hurts, and only you can cure him. You know how to change the world for the better, and no detail of the type of sympathy you will not stop. You don’t have time to think about people and their feelings — you need to do business!

Not enough that someone gets hurt in the process great reshaping! You have too many plans to spend time to explain: you already know that in the end everything will turn out fine. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices: chop wood — chips fly.

Shocking others your clinical indifference to the people that make up society, which you want to save? Well, let them! Will survive. You still have plenty of work!

Pisces: you are emotionally unstable nightmare.

You follow your heart, Pisces, and it’s not as romantic as it may seem. Indeed, sometimes your senses help you to create and to help, and in the name of love you are capable of great achievements.

However, not all senses are so nice — you do not know! The same uncontrolled emotions, pushing you towards good deeds, sometimes you give birth to some pretty dark corners — especially if you find that the object of your love shown to unjustified cruelty in relation to you or something for you dear. You know that your feelings are not rational, but it does not prevent you accuse other of all mortal sins.

Sometimes it only ends in tears. And sometimes you find enough creative ways to Express your anger. “Emotional stability”? Never heard of it.

Admit it, you know someone from their friends! Or even yourself?..

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