Here’s the twist: 70-year-old Rotaru had an affair with an unfree man

Вот это поворот: 70-летняя Ротару закрутила роман с несвободным мужчиной

16 years have passed since then, as the Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru was widowed. And during that long time fans want to know whether Sofia Mikhailovna heart friend. To this question you need to answer the tarragon and hereditary witch Saone.

Maps showed the teller that Rotaru still talks intimately with a man. But to call them a couple a woman can’t. Thus the relationship between them is more than warm, it is even conceivable that more than friendly, said tarragon.

However, the singer and her fan sometimes breaking out of a small quarrel. We are not talking about the scandals, and the interference in their relationship in the third person, said the witch.

A person who is close to the singer, not quite free – he has a lady. It constantly monitors Rotaru and tries to make her relationship with the man spat, said Saona.

Soon rotary will have to travel a lot. And, as she will not have enough time to socialize, the opponent can pull the blanket over himself, warns the fortune of his idol.

In a love triangle is always someone who wins, said Saona. And wished Rotaru hold of the chosen one and be happy.

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