Here’s what time of day is best to drink coffee!

Experts have calculated the time of the introduction of coffee into your body with up to the minute!

Ось в який час доби краще всього пити каву!

Consume gallons of coffee and still want to sleep for months? You just don’t know how to drink it! , reports Rus.Media.

Stevens Miller, MD, Medical school Geisel Dartmouth College (USA) figured out what time of day to drink coffee to achieve maximum effect. And he did it not by guesses, and relying on science that studies the relationship between biological rhythms and the effect of taking pharmaceutical drugs — chronopharmacology.

Miller reminds the Golden rule of pharmacology: your body needs to get one or the other time healing substance only when it is necessary!

Otherwise, you risk to develop tolerance to one or another medicinal drink.. Making a schedule of coffee, you have to consider the fact that your brain is able to develop such a cheerful thing as the stress hormone cortisol.

And he does it on schedule. Production peaks have at 8-9 am, 12-13 PM and 17.30–18.30 PM.

So, first, to those intervals of time to cause a stroke and even caffeine.

And secondly, being used to Polish the cortisol caffeine, you develop the addiction to this wonderful drink.

In light of the above, says the scientist, in the morning is best to drink coffee at 7 am, and at 9.30-11.30, while cortisol sleep before the next surge.

Accordingly, in the afternoon the most favourable time for coffee — from 13.30 to 17.00.

And individual owls can SIP a pint or two and immediately after 19.00.

However, our world was created so wisely and harmoniously, that it, besides coffee, there are many other great methods to stay awake during meetings or exhibitions.

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