“Heroes Of Maidan”. Kopatko told who to put Zelensky to save your rating

«Герои Майдана». Копатько рассказал, кого нужно сажать Зеленскому, чтобы спасти свой рейтинг

© RIA Novosti, Andrei SteninIn Ukraine is growing tired of the new government, the trust of voters is starting to melt, said sociologist Eugene Kopatko, at a press conference in Moscow on 24 October.According to him, there are still expectations of changes, while still remain blind trust of the citizens of the Ukrainian authorities, but you can still manage to maintain a shaky position.

“If you start landing in Ukraine, the public will perceive positively and it goes in the “heroes of Maidan”, paradoxically,” — said the expert.
He called “historical truth” of the famous saying “revolution is needed in order to destroy the revolutionaries.” In his opinion, this is especially true in the case of deep civil conflict, as is the case in Ukraine.

Press conference “Vladimir Zelensky, the leader or the lackey?” was held on 24 October in the multimedia press center of MIA Russia Today, in the framework of the special project “Ukrainian dossier.”

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