Heroic: pit bull grabbed baby by the diaper and tried to take out from the house

Mom still does not get tired to thank the dog for saving the crumbs!

Героїчний вчинок: пітбуль схопив малюка за підгузник та спробував винести з дому

In life the Small Tea from California, recently something terrible happened. The tragedy happened when she was at home with his 7-month-old daughter named Masala. Masala is about the same size as their pit bull named Sasha, who is eight months, informs Rus.Media.

Around midnight, the woman suddenly heard a loud barking Sasha, who was accompanied by the scratching of the doors that led to the backyard. Patching alerted unusually long dog barking, so she panicked. She realized that there was something wrong, because such behavior was not characteristic of their gentle four-legged family member.

When Lata opened the door to see why the dog is barking, she saw that next door, the tongues of flame and belching black smoke. The flames rapidly spread to the Small house.

Героїчний вчинок: пітбуль схопив малюка за підгузник та спробував винести з дому

What Sasha did next, captures of people around the world. Lata ran up the Masala, but Sasha was ahead of the hostess. Lata watched in awe as the pit bull grabbed the baby’s diaper and tried to take the child to a safe place. The mother then brought everyone to the street. If not for the warning, Sasha’s family were going to die in a fire.

Sasha appeared in the family at about the same time she was born Masala, and it was obvious that they had a special bond.

Unfortunately, many people believe that the pit bull is solely a fighting dog is very aggressive in nature. This story proves once again that pit bulls – great family dog if properly trained.