Hi, Yvan

Salut, Yvan

Yvan Rancourt (pictured), a pioneer of regional newspapers, which has contributed to the development of publications such as Beauport Express, The Other Voice and the Journal Here with the Info, died on the 2nd July last, at his home at the age of 66 years. Follow instructions for the day of the public health on the COVID-19, the family members will receive condolences in presence of the ashes at the church New Horizon, 800, boulevard Raymond, today from 13h to 15h. A private ceremony for immediate family will follow. My condolences to all the family.

Happy birthday in advance

Lise Gagnon (photo), Retirement-Quebec, will celebrate tomorrow (Sunday) peacefully with her husband, Denis Marcoux, his 60th birthday. Currently working at home, she would also like to greet all of his companions of work in the office or at their home. She is bored of everything in her world.

Gesture appreciated

The Rotary Club of Saguenay, has been distributed recently, baskets of body care with gift cards to 9 families in need in the borough of Jonquière, in the Saguenay. On the photo, from left to right: Line Duclos, Printer’s Inc, president for 2020-2021 the Rotary Club of Saguenay; France Ruelland, of Cantin Gagnon Insurance, past president, and Melanie Montbobier-Girard, director of the Centre l’escale de Jonquière.


July 11, 2015. The spectacle of the Foo Fighters (photo) on the plains of Abraham, in the context of the Festival of summer of Quebec, is interrupted and eventually cancelled due to heavy thunderstorms.


Alessia Cara (photo), singer-songwriter, canadian, 24 years old… Jacques Arteau, venerable columnist auto Quebec, 80 years… Sylvain Pageau, co-owner of the restaurant Le Continental, The Conti and The blue of Quebec, 56 years of age… Richie Sambora, guitarist of Bon Jovi, 61-year-old… Suzanne Vega, singer, songwriter and guitarist, 61 years of age…. Giorgio Armani, Italian designer, 86 years of age… Jean-Guy Talbot, defender (NHL), with the Canadian from 1954 to 1967, 88 years of age.


July 11, 2019. Mike Christie (photo), 69, defender of the NHL (1974 to 1981) with the Seals of California, the Barons of Cleveland, the Colorado Rockies and the Vancouver Canucks… 2018. Len Chappell, age 77, american basketball (NBA)… 2015. Satoru Iwata, 55 years old, group CEO of Nintendo video games… 2014. Madeleine Bleau, age 85, ex-liberal mp for the riding of Groulx between 1985 and 1994… 2014. Tommy Ramones, 62 years old, producer and last member (drummer) of the band the Ramones… 2010. Jean-Daniel Even, 55, co-owner of the restaurant Le Gwalarn of Vieux-Cap-Rouge… 2009. Arturo Gatti, 37 years old, former boxer, born in Montreal…
2008. Theo Genest, 86 years of age, broker, president of the Quebec winter Carnival in 1972… 1990. Marcel Lemay, 31 years old, a corporal of the Sûreté du Québec.

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