Hidden, the elected representatives of the american Congress will vote on a new aid plan

Masqués, les élus du Congrès américain vont voter sur un nouveau plan d’aide

Hidden in a chamber regularly disinfected, more than 200 elected members of the House of representatives will vote Thursday on a new us $ 480 billion to support the u.s. economy and hospitals ‘ response to the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Offering an exceptional picture, parliamentarians, clerks and the chaplain of the House were opened, all masked, some wearing gloves, the meeting in the morning.

Instructions extraordinary have been distributed to the elected officials forced to return to Washington in the midst of a crisis of the coronavirus to approve the emergency plan. They only take that in small groups, in alphabetical order, in the chamber, and will have to avoid the elevators, observing everywhere the safety distances.

The heads House democrats expect more than 215 elected, on the 435 seats, are present, a quorum sufficient to vote on these measures, supported by Donald Trump, who is required to enact then.

After several hours of debate, the elected officials will vote in the early after-noon on the creation of a commission to examine the United States response to the pandemic. Then after 30 minutes to disinfect the chamber, the vote on the new aid plan should start, not before 15H00 (19H00 GMT).

In the Face of the explosion of unemployment and the paralysis of the american economy, put abruptly to stop due to the pandemic, the Congress and the White House have negotiated this new aid plan of 480 billion, of which $ 320 billion that will be disbursed in the form of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Objective: to enable them to keep their employees. The federal government guarantees these loans, pledging to cancel the debt if the beneficiary keeps his or her employees or to rehire those who were fired.

The measures also include $ 75 billion of aid for hospitals, $ 25 billion for the detection of coronavirus, a factor considered key to be able to relaunch the activity, as well as $ 60 billion of lending to other affected areas, including in agriculture.

The new funding for SMES will add to 349 billion already spent to support them. This envelope had been approved at the end of march as part of a plan to revive the historic 2,200 billion dollars.

To cope with the crisis of the COVID-19, republicans and democrats have in fact already mobilized are exceptional. And a new package of measures, which could include a vast plan of infrastructure, is already in talks between the White House and the Congress.

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