Hierarch of the Greek Church: PCU canonically does not exist, Dumenko – layman

Иерарх Элладской Церкви: ПЦУ канонически не существует, Думенко – мирянин

The Metropolitan Of Piraeus Of The Greek Orthodox Church Seraphim (Mentzelopoulos). Photo: religions.unian.netMetropolitan of Piraeus Seraphim believes that the so-called “unification Council” ptsu participated people who do not have Holy orders.
The Metropolitan of Piraeus of the Greek Orthodox Church Seraphim (Mentzelopoulos) believes that from a canonical point of view such a Church as “PCU” does not exist, and all of its hierarchy – prokopenya the laity, according to the Greek edition of “Romfea” with a link to the website of Piraeus metropolis.

In particular, commenting on the decision of the hierarchical Council of October 12, Vladyka Seraphim said that “turning to the Holy canons and the canonical order of our Church, we have completely refuted the unfounded and unfair conclusion of the Synodal Commission for canonical Affairs, which adopted in full, his Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, Jerome, the Council of bishops, namely, that allegedly, according to the 9-th and 17-th to the rules of the Fourth Ecumenical Council of All the Ecumenical Patriarch has the privilege to “accept an appeal” from the bishops of all the other local Orthodox Churches”.

According to Metropolitan of Piraeus “it is obvious that such a statement is invalid, because these rules confer a parallel jurisdiction of the Exarch of the Diocese, and the Ecumenical Patriarch. Holy Pato-the Sixth Ecumenical Council, selectively adopted some of the rules of Carthage once and for all settled the question.”

That is why, says the Lord, “the Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, took a peremptory and final decision on the restoration of the Episcopal dignity of the former clergy and laity of the now, without having appropriate jurisdiction and canonical competence, as they were deprived of the perfect priesthood of the Patriarchal Sobor of the Russian Church.”

In the opinion of the Metropolitan of Piraeus, “these solutions are INVALID because they were adopted by a body having no canonical jurisdiction, and will remain null and VOID forever, no matter how many years had passed since the Church of Christ is not the principle of de facto, but only de jure”.

Based on these arguments, the Archbishop emphasizes that “the legitimate and canonical basis, it follows that the so-called “Unification Council” is also INVALID because it was attended by people who do not have Holy orders, and therefore null and VOID and granting the status of autocephaly to this canonically non-existent “Church” structure”.

Therefore, according to the Metropolitan Seraphim, “I have never supported the proposal of his Beatitude on the recognition of the autocephaly of this canonically invalid and non-existent “Church”, created in Ukraine. It was documented that I boldly expressed his opinion and talked about the fact that we are invited to invalidate the Church’s acts that destroy the unity of the Church. I’ve also warned about possible tragic consequences that can be foreseen now.”

Previously SPM wrote that in the opinion of Protopresbyter Nicholas Savopoulos the Council of bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church hierarchs tried to drive into a trap without giving them the opportunity to examine the conclusions of the Synodal committees.

Elena Konstantinova

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