High life: Paris Hilton in Lviv and Easter with Irina Fedyshyn and others(video)

As the stars prepared for the Passover and new songs on the Night of the Premier!

Світське життя: Періс Гілтон у Львові і Великдень з Іриною Федишин та інші(відео)

It is always interesting!

To the city came Paris Hilton, and in Kiev apartments has acquired the singer Iryna Fedyshyn and invited “the high life” to paint Easter eggs. As Nina Matvienko with a pink wig, and acted as a Akhtem Setable became a male model!

“Christ is risen!” Paris Hilton with the Ukrainian naming in Lviv prtl spectators “social life” on Easter and said that she liked the soup

Learn interesting facts from the life of Ukrainian celebrities with Ekaterina Osadchaya, a charming consummate presenter.

See the new issue of “Secular life.”

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