High speed internet in slow motion

L’internet haute vitesse au ralenti

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The federal minister for Innovation, Navdeep Bains, praised Tuesday the program Connect to innovate, which aims to give access to unlimited internet in rural and remote areas. “This program has helped 900 communities across Canada […] “, he stated during a parliamentary committee.


L’internet haute vitesse au ralenti

This program aims to connect approximately 975 communities by 2023, but the results are still pending, contrary to what is claimed by the minister. In fact, on February 17, 2020, only 29 communities have been connected, according to a document filed in April in the House of commons.

The minister of rural economic Development, Maryam Monsef, has also clarified at a committee in may that the program was allowed to connect to this day 25 000 people, and 50 000 people must be added by the end of the year.

According to the office of Mr. Bains, the minister made reference to the fact that funding agreements have already been approved. To date, over 200 agreements have been signed that will help to term 900 communities. This type of infrastructure project requires often more than a year before being completed.

The number of the week : a 3.8 %

This is the average increase in the price of food in Quebec in April, compared to the same period last year. The grocery bill of Quebec is significantly higher, with some price increases are spectacular. As well, the beef (14.6 %), the pig (11.5 per cent), eggs (10.9 percent), fish (10.4 %), butter (10 %) and vegetables (5.6 percent) are the foods that have experienced the largest price increases. The oil is the only food product that experienced a decrease in average price, either -3,7 %.

Inflation, however, has been limited to 0.2 % on average in Québec. This is mainly due to the drastic decrease in fuel prices (-36,8 % from one year to the other in April) and a variety of consumer products, such as the price of shoes and clothing (to 5.9 %).

Marie-Christine Trottier

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